Dermatologist K. Kalokasidis at the Rejuvenation day in Samos

At the first day of "Rejuvenation and Wellness" organized by the Dermaform Aesthetics Center, in Samos on Sunday, December 14, Dr. Dermatologist and Venereologist Kostas Kalokasidis presented all the modern methods used by medicine to preserve beauty with aesthetic dermatology applications. The beautician Eugenia Mourtou, referred to the structure and functions of the skin as well as the prevention [...]


Sweating is a normal response of the body as a result of situations such as heat or exercise. However, sometimes increased sweating is also related to situations of increased stress. But some patients sweat excessively, mainly in the armpits, palms and soles, which causes them significant social and psychological problems. Usually antiperspirant creams and [...]


BOTOX is a natural, processed protein produced by the bacterium Clostridium Botulinum[/blockquote] Very small doses of the drug are administered by very fine "injectors" (insulin syringes) into the muscle, inhibiting the transmission of the nerve impulse and thus the muscle relaxes and does not contract. . Most people (and especially those who are more expressive and “use” […]