BOTOX is a natural, processed protein produced by the bacterium Clostridium Botulinum[/blockquote]
Very small doses of the drug are administered with very thin "insulin syringes" (insulin syringes) into the muscle, inhibiting the transmission of the nerve impulse and thus the muscle relaxes and does not contract. . Most people (and especially those who are more expressive and "use" their face more when communicating) after the age of 30 start and "write" fine wrinkles especially near the eye ("crow's feet") and on the forehead . The reduction or elimination of intense muscle contraction with the use of Botox results in a noticeable reduction of wrinkles.

The treatment with Botox has a double benefit because on the one hand it works therapeutically by reducing deep wrinkles and disappearing wrinkles of medium depth, but on the other hand it also works preventively when done at younger ages (closer to 30 years) because it does not allow the face to form wrinkles as a result of which it greatly slows down the aging process.

The results of the treatment remain for up to 6 months, after which a renewal of the treatment is required. Botox achieves a very "natural" aesthetic effect, as the face appears to be fresh and "rested" (even after a day with a very heavy work schedule!) and others perceive it as a younger face.

[blockquote]An additional benefit of the treatment, which has recently become known, is that headaches are reduced which are mostly "tension headaches" from muscle contraction of the muscles in the forehead and neck due to stress. Botox has recently been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the treatment of chronic migraine. botox Thessaloniki.[/blockquote]

The duration of the treatment is approximately 20 minutes.




"Botox is a natural protein that works by relaxing the muscles that contract to create wrinkles. The main places where we do the application are relaxation on the eyebrows, in the middle of the forehead, it is the forehead and it is also the eye, the so-called crow's feet, but we also catch the wrinkles that extend under the eye. We can also work on some of these areas on faces that do not have special needs, e.g. on the forehead we can work only on the eye and between the eyebrows, although we recommend doing a full face botox, one botox, i.e. on all areas of the face , because botox has two functions: In addition to the aesthetics, that we iron out the wrinkles and make them disappear, it also works prophylactically, because when we relax the muscles that when they contract make wrinkles, we protect the skin from making wrinkles, which is very important .”
BOTOX is established in the world's perception as a treatment that significantly reduces or even eliminates wrinkles. At the same time, it is also an excellent treatment for prevention so that wrinkles do not appear! As we grow older, the skin loses its hydration and elasticity, resulting in expression wrinkles becoming permanent even when the muscles that create them do not contract. If BOTOX is used as prevention to prevent excessive frowning then these wrinkles will not form. In the USA they have started BOTOX applications as anti-aging prevention at ages close to 30 years.
When does the result of BOTOX begin to be seen? How long does it take;
The effect of BOTOX treatment starts to be seen in a week, reaching the maximum effect in 14 days. The muscles to which the treatment has been applied gradually regain their mobility in a period of time from 4 (in men, but also in women who have strong facial muscles) to 6 months after the application. After this period of time it is advisable to repeat the treatment

Can BOTOX remove all lines and wrinkles on the face?
Very deep wrinkles that have been established for many years will improve significantly after treatment, but it may not be possible to completely remove them. In these cases, it is good to have a complementary treatment with hyaluronic acid after the BOTOX treatment. Of course, many patients do not aim for the complete disappearance of wrinkles, but simply to soften them (to have a more subtle and natural result). In these cases treatment exclusively with BOTOX exceeds this need.

Will the wrinkles get worse if I decide not to repeat the BOTOX treatment?
No. Wrinkles gradually return (within about 6 months) exactly to the state they were in before BOTOX treatment! But because we have been used to a much younger face for the last 6 months now it seems worse! Of course, if we do not repeat the treatment and the muscles of the face that write the wrinkles continue to be in full activity, the face will get worse over time.
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Is BOTOX treatment suitable for men and women?
Of course. But perhaps in men who have a stronger muscular system in the face, the good effect lasts a little less

How long does the treatment (application) of BOTOX last?
15-20 minutes only!

Is BOTOX treatment (application) painful?
No. Most of the time, patients do not feel the microinsoles at all

Is local anesthesia required before BOTOX treatment (application)?
No, no anesthesia of any kind is required

What is the most common side effect of BOTOX treatment?
Creating a bruise especially in people who have this predisposition. To avoid this we recommend to avoid taking aspirin anti-inflammatory drugs or vitamin E 48 hours before and 4 days after the treatment

How does hyaluronic acid treatment differ from BOTOX treatment?
Hyaluronic "fills" deep lines and wrinkles. The effect of the treatment appears immediately and lasts for 9-12 months. It effectively contributes to anti-aging by correcting imperfections created by time, and the intense use of facial muscles that create wrinkles (very expressive people, smokers, people with very thin-fragile skin).

BOTOX works with a completely different mechanism, calming the facial muscles that "write" the wrinkles. The effect of treatment appears after 7-10 days and lasts about 6 months. In addition to immediate anti-aging (with the disappearance of wrinkles), BOTOX treatment essentially also helps to prevent anti-aging (when we start the treatment early at the age of around 30). This is because by relaxing the muscles that "write" wrinkles at an early age, when the skin still has good elasticity and wrinkles do not settle permanently, we protect the face from the appearance of wrinkles before they settle! Finally, BOTOX treatment is preferred on the upper face (forehead, around the eyes-crow's feet), while hyaluronic is the treatment of choice on the lower face (wrinkles between the nose-mouth, cheekbones-apples, mouth, wrinkles in the mustache, chin, etc.) .

Finally, let's add that for an ideal result, BOTOX and hyaluronic treatments can be combined on the same face!

Can BOTOX be used to treat excessive sweating of the armpits or palms of the hands?
Yes, BOTOX can provide very great relief to this very important problem. Results last for 6 months. Of course, there must have been a check for pathological causes of secondary hyperhidrosis such as hyperthyroidism and pheochromocytoma. In these cases, the pathological cause should be corrected and then the hyperhidrosis should be treated

Are there alternative treatments for someone who does not want or is afraid of BOTOX?
Hyaluronic acid is used to fill wrinkles and can be used. Nevertheless, the offer of BOTOX treatment in giving a younger and more rested face is irreplaceable.

What other unexpected benefits does BOTOX treatment have?
BOTOX has recently been found to be able to eliminate chronic headaches (tension headaches) and migraines. These headaches come from the fact that these patients use their forehead muscles as well as those that frown in times of stress. BOTOX relaxes these muscles making headaches a thing of the past.

- Do not touch-rub the areas of the face where the application was made for the next 4 hours
- Do not lie down or bend over for the next 4 hours
-To avoid physical exercise and alcohol consumption for the next 4 days
-Avoid heat for the next 4 days (hair dryer, sauna, hot bath, gym)
- Prefer paracetamol (Panadol, Depon) and avoid aspirin in case of headache after treatment.