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black circles

  Dark circles around the eyes are a common problem for many people and are treated with procedures performed in the dermatology office. Find out what options are available to ease them. The new concealer you bought quickly disappears the tired look created by the dark circles around your eyes, but you […]

SmartLipo: Laser liposuction and liposculpture

It is a minimally invasive surgical technique that we use to remove locally accumulated fat as well as an innovative method that uses the specialized Nd:Yag 1064nm laser.[/blockquote] What causes cellulite? Hereditary (genetic) predisposition Hormonal changes Weight gain Loss of elasticity and "tone" of the skin, skin becomes looser with advancing age Lack of exercise, sedentary […]


[tabs titles=”INFO, VIDEO, INFORMATION”] [tab] [info_box_3 title=”TATTOO REMOVAL”] Light Age's newest product, Q-Clear™ [/info_box_3] [blockquote]Is a revolutionary Q-switched Nd:YAG laser , providing a new paradigm for removal of unwanted tattoos[/blockquote] Light Age's newest product, Q-Clear™ , is a revolutionary Q-switched Nd:YAG laser, providing a new paradigm for removal of unwanted tattoos [bar_info_box_3 buttonurl=”https ://” text=”For any dermatological [...]

Treatment of vascular lesions

[tabs titles=”INFO, VIDEO, INFORMATIONEN”] [tab] [info_box_3 title=”Behandlung von vaskulären Läsionen”] Laser-Behandlung von vaskulären Läsionen[/info_box_3] [blockquote]Mit dem fortschrittlichsten Long-Pulse NdYag Laser, FOTONA[ /blockquote] Düber hinaus unmittelbare Ergebnisse und große Hämostase (Blutgerinnung) Long-Pulse NdYag Laser ist der beste vaskuläre Laser. Es dient zur Behandlung von rot oder lila Flecken oder Linien auf den Körper (die dilatative Schiffe, die […]

Treatment of Vascular lesions - varicose veins

Treatment of Vascular Damage: What are Vascular Diseases? Varicose veins of the skin are dilated capillaries, which when located in exposed areas of the skin such as face, legs, create an unsightly effect. Where are the veins due? Their appearance can be due to hereditary factors, hormonal predisposition, vascular wall diseases, […]


[tabs titles=”INFO, VIDEO, INFORMATION”] [tab] [info_box_3 title=”BOTOX – HYPERHYDROZ”] Physiological production does not stop completely, but only excessive sweating [/info_box_3] [blockquote]Sweating is a normal reaction of our body due to situations for example, тепла или производитель[/blockquote] Пот , птооотделение использовать нормальной рекрасией организамие в результаты высокого изделия, such as heat or physical exercise. However, sometimes increased sweating is associated with situations of increased [...]


Sweating is a normal response of the body as a result of situations such as heat or exercise. However, sometimes increased sweating is also related to situations of increased stress. But some patients sweat excessively, mainly in the armpits, palms and soles, which causes them significant social and psychological problems. Usually antiperspirant creams and [...]


[tabs titles=”INFO, VIDEO, ЧАВО, INFO”] [tab] [info_box_3 title=”BOTOX”] Botox is a natural, processed protein produced by Clostridium botulinum bacteria. [/info_box_3] [blockquote]The drug is administered as injections into the muscles, very small doses in very thin insulin syringes[/blockquote] thus blocking the transmission of nerve impulses and as a result the muscle relaxes and there is no convulsion. Most people (especially teh, [...]


BOTOX is a natural, processed protein produced by the bacterium Clostridium Botulinum[/blockquote] Very small doses of the drug are administered by very fine "injectors" (insulin syringes) into the muscle, inhibiting the transmission of the nerve impulse and thus the muscle relaxes and does not contract. . Most people (and especially those who are more expressive and “use” […]


[tabs titles=”INFO, VIDEO, INFORMATIONEN”] [tab] [info_box_3 title=”PSORIASIS-BEHANDLUNGEN”] Psoriasis ist eine Autoimmunerkrankung, die auf der Haut erscheint.[/info_box_3] [blockquote]Im Gegensatz zu Ekzemen ist Schuppenflechte eher auf der Aussenseite des Gelenks zu finden..[/blockquote] Es tritt auf, wenn das Immunsystem die Hautzellen als eines Erregers Fehler und verschickt fehlerhafte Signale, die den Wachstumszyklus der Hautzellen beschleunigen. Schuppenflechte is not [...]