Sweating is a normal response of the body as a result of situations such as heat or exercise. However, sometimes increased sweating is also related to situations of increased stress. But some patients sweat excessively, mainly in the armpits, palms and soles, which causes them significant social and psychological problems. Usually antiperspirant creams and sprays are not enough. In these cases we can use botox, which reduces sweat production and has been shown to be beneficial to the person suffering from hyperhidrosis. The normal production is not completely inhibited, but only excessive sweating. This therapeutic use of BOTOX is approved by the National Medicines Organization (EOF).

The results are excellent. With a very fine (insulin) needle, a small amount of the medicine is injected into the skin of the affected area. The application only takes about 10′-20′. Normal production is not completely inhibited, but only excessive sweating. The benefits of treatment with one Botox application last for approximately six months (up to 9 months). After them, the application must be repeated.


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