Author: Dr. Kalokasidis Dermatologist Thessaloniki

"Liquid" Face Lift Non-surgical approach to total face lift

A large number of people often contact the dermatologist to consult him about some injectable treatment on the face. The expectation of most is the total correction of various imperfections, such as wrinkles on the forehead and between the forehead, correction of nasolabial wrinkles between the nose and mouth, correction of drooping, increase of volume in the lips, [...]

Instructions for plump lips!

The mouth and eye area are the first zones we notice when we see a face for the first time. In seconds the first impression is formed as to whether we find that face beautiful and attractive. Therefore the lips are the first element that emits sexuality and femininity. With a combination of non-invasive techniques we can […]

LEFKI: The "disease of light"

Vitiligo is considered an autoimmune disease which means that for an unknown reason the body (the immune system) destroys some of its melanocytes, as a result of which melanin is not produced in those parts of the skin, so the skin completely loses its color and becomes discolored (whitens). It is estimated that vitiligo occurs in 1 % – 4% of the general [...]

HPV ( papillomas - warts ): Viruses dangerous for health but also for... relationships!

"You cheated on me...", "...I want a divorce", "...who knows which prostitutes you've slept with", "...didn't you even think that our children might get involved????...!!!", "'re not ashamed... !”… These are just some of the phrases exchanged by the couples who often come to my practice, with the appearance of papillomas or warts. The spread of HPV viruses, especially during […]