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Physiological production does not stop completely, but only excessive sweating [/info_box_3]

[blockquote]Sweating is a normal reaction of our body due to situations such as heat or exercise[/blockquote]
Sweat, sweating is a normal reaction of the organism as a result of diseases such as heat or physical exercise. However, sometimes increased sweating is associated with situations of increased stress. But some patients sweat excessively, especially in the armpits, palms and soles, which causes significant social and psychological problems. Usually anti sweat creams and sprays are not enough in this case. In these cases, we can use botox, which reduces sweating and is useful for a person suffering from hyperhidrosis. Therapeutic use of BOTOX is approved by the National Organization for Medicines (EOF).
Outstanding result. With the help of a thin needle (insulin), a minimal amount of the drug is injected into the skin in the armpit area. Application takes about 10'-20' only. Not completely blocking normal sweating, but only excessive sweating. Benefits of treatment with botox lasts about six months (up to 9 months). After that, the application must be repeated.


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