Dermatologist Konstantinos Kalokasidis

The dermatologist K.. Kalokasidis at the Revitalization Day in Samos

At the first day of "Rejuvenation and Wellness" organized by the Dermaform Aesthetics Center,in Samos on Sunday 14 December, presented by Dermatologist Venereologist Costa Kalokasidis all the modern methods used by medicine to maintain beauty with applications of aesthetic dermatology. THE …
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Kalokasidis Dermatologist

The dermatologist Dr.. Kalokasidis at an Abacosm training day

As an instructor, dermatologist Dr.. Kalokasidis participated in the aesthetics training day of the company ABACOSM Ltd. ABACOSM is a biotechnology company for the production and promotion of anti-aging products based in Athens.. These products aim to restore the health of skin free of …
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face cleaning

  Facial cleansing – steam sebum removal.   Here we use the technique of opening the pores of the skin and then removing the surface sebum retention in the skin called phagocytosis. It is important to know what damage is needed …
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