Tattoo removal with laser



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The only way to achieve the best cosmetic result

[blockquote]Lazer can and faces different colors[/blockquote]


Using the Q-switched Nd YAG laser, specially developed to fight with the color that includes the tattoo, it is possible to solve almost all the color of the tattoo without scarring the patient's skin.
The laser can and does collide with various colors, which tattoos can consist of, as opposed to non-specific ones, such as laser skin regeneration, hair removal, etc. The only way to achieve the best cosmetic result. In our office, we have the most modern and advanced Q-switched Nd YAG laser 1064/532nm (КТП) in the American Clear Q-laser manufactured by Kollosou from LightAge.

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We present to you photos of the patient's tattoo throughout the removal process:






[faq question=”How do these specialized lasers work?” dropcap_question=”Q” dropcap_answer=”A”]
Q – switched YAG laser light that absorbs only the pigment granules that make up the tattoo. This leads to the degradation of the pigment into small pieces that are removed from the human body and phagocytosed.

[faq question=”How much time is required for one session regarding the use of a Q-switched YAG laser for tattooing?” dropcap_question=”Q” dropcap_answer=”A”]
Duration of treatment, as a rule, from 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the size of the tattoo.

[faq question=”Procedure painful?” dropcap_question=”Q” dropcap_answer=”A”]
The patient feels weak blows on the surface of the skin, as a rule, they are not painful, especially after using a local anesthetic cream.

[faq question=”Что мы вистим друзья после следней?” dropcap_question=”Q” dropcap_answer=”A”]
In the area of the skin containing the tattoo, it is slightly swollen immediately after treatment and small scabs may form. With the help of appropriate antibiotic ointments, the skin irritation subsides quickly and the color of the tattoo disappears within four weeks.

[faq question=”Сколько продукция недоставление в объявление сообщение?” dropcap_question=”Q” dropcap_answer=”A”]
It depends on the amount of pigment and the depth that is inserted into the skin. Amateur tattoos usually require two to three sessions within one month of each other, while professional tattoos may require six to eight sessions, and sometimes more.

[faq question=”Tattoos can disappear completely from skin?” dropcap_question=”Q” dropcap_answer=”A”]
In most cases, yes. Blue, black and red tattoos are easier to erase, but green tattoos disappear more slowly, and several procedures may be required. The yellow tattoo is also not easy to remove. Sometimes tattoo pigments can be located so deep in the skin that it is impossible for the body to remove it completely, although it is possible to achieve significant color fading.

[faq question=”After tattoo therapy, using Q-switched YAG laser, is it possible to leave a scar on the skin?” dropcap_question=”Q” dropcap_answer=”A”]
With the help of this specialized type of laser, the possibility of forming hypertrophic scars is extremely low, but they cannot be completely excluded.

[faq question=”This procedure requires a certain recovery time for the patient?” dropcap_question=”Q” dropcap_answer=”A”]
No, the patient can return to daily activities immediately after treatment.
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