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Botox relaxes the contraction of muscles by blocking nerve impulses.

[blockquote]This protein is used in cosmetic medicine to treat moderate to severe brow furrow (glabellas lines), wrinkles, and facial creases[/blockquote]

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Hyaluronic acid is a molecule that occurs naturally in large quantities in our skin. It has the ability to hold water molecules, to keep our skin well moisturized, giving volume to the face where it is needed, and a youthful look. Unfortunately, over time, Hyaluronic acid, which is contained naturally in our skin, loses over time most of its adsorption capacity (the ability to hold water, like a "biological sponge") and is also broken down and absorbed, thereby eliminating part of it. As a result of this loss of hyaluronic acid, deep wrinkles are formed, especially in the grooves between the nose and the mouth, and the filter ("smoker's wrinkles" above the upper lip) and under the lower lip ("burnt lines"). In addition, very expressive people develop deep wrinkles in the areas of the glabella (between the eyebrows) and near the eyes ("crow's feet"). Currently, hyaluronate is produced synthetically and is safe to use as an implant (in the form of injections) in aesthetic dermatology to "stuff" these wrinkles.
Other types of use of hyaluronic acid as an implant in small doses for lips to create a more perfect and aesthetically beautiful mouth.

As a result, the hyaluronic filler acts immediately and directly, which is noticeable to the eye, and the patient leaves with a new, renewed face.
The treatment effect lasts 9-12 months.
The duration of the treatment course is only 20-30 minutes!
Hyaluronate can be used as mesotherapy. In this situation, it is not used to fill deep wrinkles, but to deeply moisturize the skin and indirectly contributes to the elimination of wrinkles and its elasticity, and also makes it possible to look younger. This application is especially valuable in such areas as the neck and the dorsal surface of the limbs.

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[faq question=”Что такое hyaluronic acid? ” dropcap_question=”Q” dropcap_answer=”A”]
Hyaluronate is a natural component of skin. It has the property of adsorbing (absorbs like a biological “sponge”) water molecules, as a result of which the hydrates provide volume for the skin. When we get older, the skin loses the hyaluronic molecule (including collagen and elastin), as well as the remaining hyaluronic acid of poorer quality (with the property of retaining less water).
In addition to its use in cosmetic dermatology, hyaluronate has been used for more than 20 years in orthopedics and rheumatology for joint injections and ophthalmology.

[faq question=”How to use hyaluronic acid?” dropcap_question=”Q” dropcap_answer=”A”]
It can be used to "fill" deep wrinkles and folds on any part of the face and especially deep wrinkles between the nose and mouth (rhinopareiakes) or between the eyebrows (glabellar). We can add hyaluronic acid to the cheeks and cheekbones to give volume where it was lost at the same time eliminating small wrinkles caused by loss of elasticity.

[faq question=”Болезненна терапия с hyaluronatom? ” dropcap_question=”Q” dropcap_answer=”A”]
No. Before the treatment, xylocaine cream (EMLA) is applied to the areas, which freezes the areas where the injection is (with the help of a thin needle, possibly an insulin needle). In addition, the material used (Juvederm) is combined with xylocaine, which makes its application painless.

[faq question=”How much time does treatment require? ” dropcap_question=”Q” dropcap_answer=”A”]
Treatment takes about 20-30 minutes. To this time, we add another 20-30 minutes, which is necessary for the application of pain-relieving cream (EMLA) in the region.

[faq question=”How long does the treatment effect last?” dropcap_question=”Q” dropcap_answer=”A”]
The therapeutic effect is instant (the patient leaves with a well-groomed, perfect face!) and continues for 9-12 months, during which the hyaluronic acid that we usually add naturally and biologically recovers. The exact time during which the result of the treatment will last is determined by such factors as age, type of skin, how expressive the person is on the face and from the area where the treatment was applied (in areas where there is high mobility, such as Kanavki rinopareiakes hyaluronate is laid faster ). To maintain a good result and a young face, most often the course of treatment is repeated every 9 months.

[faq question=”After application, when can I return to work or social activities?” dropcap_question=”Q” dropcap_answer=”A”]
Immediately! After the completion of the process, you can return directly to the work, to the walk, etc.

[faq question=”At what age can you start treatment with hyaluronic acid? ” dropcap_question=”Q” dropcap_answer=”A”]
There are no restrictions. We can start treatment at any age as wrinkles start to bother us. Кроме, другие применения , такие добавление губ в вернем озге, в чем мы стершены .

[faq question=”How is treatment with hyaluronic acid different from treatment with BOTOX? ” dropcap_question=”Q” dropcap_answer=”A”]
Hyaluronate "fills" deep wrinkles and wrinkles. The therapeutic effect occurs immediately and lasts for 9-12 months. It offers significant anti-aging correction of defects that are created over time and with intensive use of facial muscles that create wrinkles (very expressive people, smokers, people with very sensitive fragile skin).
BOTOX works with a completely different mechanism, it calms the muscles of the face "creating" wrinkles. The therapeutic effect appears in 7-10 days and lasts about 6 months. In addition to immediate anti-aging (with the disappearance of wrinkles), treatment with Botox offers practical anti-aging prevention (when we start treatment at an early age of about 30). This is because at a young age, wrinkles are 'created' by relaxing muscles, when the skin still has good elasticity, wrinkles are not permanently established, it protects the face from wrinkles, before they become permanent! Finally, treatment with Botox is preferred in the upper areas of the face (forehead, around the eyes, swan), while the hyaluronic method of choice falls on the lower part of the face (wrinkles between the nose, mouth, apple cheekbones, mouth, wrinkles in the mustache, chin, etc. d.).
Finally, we will add that for an ideal result with BOTOX and hyaluronate treatment, they can be combined in one person!

[faq question=”How can I get a more beautiful mouth with hyaluronic acid? ” dropcap_question=”Q” dropcap_answer=”A”]
Hyaluronate can be used to give volume to the upper or lower lip. It can be used to contour the upper lip, raise the upper lip to the upper lip, helping to eliminate annoying vertical wrinkles that appear at the upper edge of the lip-filter (in the "mustache". This often happens in smokers, but also in very expressive people) Finally, it can be placed under the corners of the mouth to correct the fall of the corner of the mouth when it is observed. The application of hyaluronic acid is painless after the application of xylocaine anesthetic cream, while specialized products such as "Juvederm ULTRA SMILE" are used in this option. In any case, a beautiful and sensual mouth adds a lot to the face.

[faq question=”INSTRUCTION FOR USE:” dropcap_question=”Q” dropcap_answer=”A”]
Avoid taking aspirin for several days before application (this increases the risk of swelling and bruising at the application sites)
Avoid drinking alcohol in the day you make an application.

[faq question=”ПОСЛЕ ПРИМЕНИЯ:” dropcap_question=”Q” dropcap_answer=”A”]
Avoid massaging the area of application for the next 4 hours.
Avoid taking aspirin 4 days after application (increases the risk of swelling and bruising at the application site)
Avoid excessive exposure to high temperature (hot bath, Russian bath, sauna, solar baths) for the next 4 days.
Избегайте доставка терапия при хорошом проследующих 7 дней (for example, avoid dermabrasion, chemical peeling, IPL, laser).

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