The venous network of the face is a common aesthetic concern as it takes us away from the image of the commonly accepted standard of beauty. Veins appear more in association with redness, cumulative sun exposure and the passing of time.

The treatment for this condition called Rosacea is the laser that corrects all kinds of varicose veins. The results are impressive and the vessels disappear from the first session. The treatment may feel a little uncomfortable, but it is quite tolerable. Transient facial swelling may occur, but employment and social activities can generally be continued without interruption.


Sessions are generally thirty minutes long but this will also depend on the extent of the Rosacea disease. Anesthetic may also be applied to minimize discomfort. Results are seen after just one treatment. The best thing would be a visit to the doctor earlier than the treatment in order to properly inform the patient and make an assessment.


Over time some of the veins may tend to regenerate slowly. This tendency can be minimized with high-quality skin care products, sunscreen, and a doctor's checkup.


"The ND Yag laser is a vascular laser aimed exclusively at treating vascular lesions. This is how we can eliminate lesions such as varicose veins – the thin vessels found on the face and nose – cherry-colored hemangiomas – round red like olives that are found on the face or body – and mainly where it offers a very good result is in the vessels which are at the feet. The function of the laser is that it is absorbed by the endothelium, the inner wall of the vessel, and causes the walls of the vessel to stick together, to collapse, and the vessel visually disappears. Because a vessel that is visible is because it has vasodilatation, the walls of the vessel have overflowed and now more blood passes through it and that is why it becomes visible. The treatment can leave very small 'bumps' on the skin which require some regeneration time and is a treatment we would prefer to do in the winter months to avoid sun exposure to get the best possible regeneration from the skin. It is an easy treatment, relatively painless, very effective and even in difficult cases, one – at most two sessions are enough to eliminate the problem.”


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Facial veins are a common cosmetic concern as they tend to detract from optimal facial aesthetics. The veins occur in association with rosacea, cumulative sun exposure, and the passage of time.

Facial vein treatment is best rendered by laser in most cases. The results are impressive and carry a very low risk of complication with little to no downtime. Treatment is slightly uncomfortable, but quite tolerable. Transient facial swelling occasionally occurs, but employment and social activities can generally continue without disruption.

Facial vein treatment sessions are generally thirty minutes in duration. Topical anesthetic may be applied pre-treatment to minimize discomfort. Results are seen after only one treatment. Consultation is generally required before treatment is scheduled.

Over time, facial veins treated by laser may tend to slowly regrow. This tendency can be minimized by high quality skin care products, sunscreen, and control of any underlying rosacea tendencies



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Gesichts Venen sind ein gemeinmes Kosmetisches Anliegen, da sie eher schmälern optimale faziale Ästhetik. [/info_box_3]


Die Venen treten in Verbindung mit Rosacea, cumulative Sonnenexposition und im Laufe der Zeit.


Gesichts-Ader-Behandlung is besten per Laser in most cases gerendert. Die Ergebnisse sind beeindruckend und ein sehr geringes Risiko einer Komplikation mit wenig bis keine Ausfallzeiten führen. Die Behandlung ist etwas unangenehm, aber durch etraglich. Transient facial swelling often occurs, but employment and social activities usually continue without interruption.


Gesichts-Ader-Behandlung-Sitzungen sind der Regel duart 30 Minuten. Aktuelle Betäubungsmittel möglichkeit angewandte Vorbehandlung um die Beschwerden zu minimieren. Ergebnisse sind nach nur einer Behandlung gesehen. Beratung ist der Regel erforderlich, bevor Behandlung geplantit ist.


Im Laufe der Zeit könn die Gesichts Venen durch Laser behandelt tendenziell langsam nachwachsen. Diese Tendenz can be minimiert werden durch high-quality Pflegeprodukte, Sonnenschutz und Kontrolle über alle zundrunge liegenden Rosazea-Tendenzen.

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