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[info_box_3 title=”KOMBINIERTE BEHANDLUNGEN”] Hydration Maske bietet Tiefe Hydratation auf die geringenite Haut [/info_box_3]

[blockquote]Kombinierte Behandlung mit Ultraschall-Spatel, Dermabrasion (Mechanisches Peeling), leichte chemische Peeling und eine Maske[/blockquote]

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[blockquote]1) Skin Spatula Pro [/blockquote]

ist nicht invasiv, schmerzlos und geeignet für alle Hauttypen, besonders für fattige Haut mit übermäßigen Seborrhoe die Akne entwinkel kann. Ultraschallwellen helfen abgestorbene Hautzellen, Öl und andere Hautunreinheiten aus Poren push"in eine schmerzfreie und sichere Weise". Nach der Behandlung bleibt die Haut tief geringenit, neu belebt und strahlend. Haut Spatel Pro gentle exfolierend Haut, flößt topical nutrients (topical Behandlung hilft), nährt Hautzellen und verbessert den Blutkreislauf

[blockquote]2)Mechanische Peel auch Mikrodermabrasion [/blockquote]

Verwendet eine Hochgeschwindigkeit-Binsel oder Fraise um die Schicht der abgestorbenen Zellen zu entfernen. Es ist eine neue Form der Dermabrasion, die verwendet einen Strom von feinen Kristallen oder abgedeckt Diamant Mikrodermabrasion Tipps um Gestrüpp entfernt die überste Hautschicht und Zellerneuerung zu fördern. Das Verfahren verbessert die Oberhaut Klaheit, minimiert Glühen und blockedierte Poren, hilft zu behandeln und zu berserengung, Akne, Scarben, Fältchen und andere Unzulänglichkeiten.

[blockquote]3)Chemische Skin peel[/blockquote]

They usually contain natural acids that are extracted from fruits or milk and help to dissolve the “glue” between skin surface and outermost dead and damaged cells. These acids are usually Milchsäure (abgeleitet von Sauermilch), Glykolsäure (abgeleitet aus Zuckerrohr), Apfelsäure (abgeleitet aus Äpfeln), Salicylsäure (abgeleitet von Sweet Birch), Weinsäure (aus Trauben) Säure etc.

[blockquote]4) Hydration mask[/blockquote]

offers deep hydration to the cleansed skin. It also helps to avoid the great irritation (the patient doesn't have to stay home at all) and to achieve a fine, gentle scaling for the next two days


For best results 4-5 sessions are recommended which may be applied every 20-25 days. After the session the dermatologist may suggest a dermatological recipe to reinforce the good results

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Combined application of three methods for sebum regulation, combined mechanical and chemical Peeling and facial hydration


Cleaning the face with an ultrasonic spatula: With this treatment we help the skin to eliminate the excess sebum that is retained in oily skin with a tendency to acne. The treatment is painless and suitable for sensitive skin.

Peeling with microcrystals: A third generation system that uses advanced technology for a comfortable, comprehensive and hassle-free epidermal exfoliation. Exfoliation with microcrystals removes dead skin cells and helps healthy cells come to the surface, improving the appearance and quality of the skin. Ideal for treating acne and oiliness, antiaging, whitening, regeneration, stretch marks.

 Light chemical peels which are indicated for reducing the appearance of fine lines and open, large pores of oily skin, while at the same time softening the color of freckles, brown spots and acne scars while renewing the skin.

The moisturizing mask which completes the treatment, offers a deep hydration and guarantees that in the following days there will be no great irritation (you go to work comfortably), but only a gentle and controlled peeling
Depending on the case, the dermatologist can also suggest a dermatological maintenance treatment for the intervals between the therapeutic sessions-applications to enhance the good result.

 For the optimal result of the combination method, 4-5 sessions are usually required, which are done at intervals of 25-30 days.



"Peeling has one goal and that is to superficially renew the skin and eliminate additional problems such as blemishes, discolorations, small acne scars and fine wrinkles. It also offers deep cleansing, so in a skin where there is an overproduction of sebum, it gets rid of it significantly. We have different types of peeling. I recommend a combined treatment that has mechanical peeling, that is, microcrystals, which do a surface removal of the keratin and are little crystals that fall on the skin and do this to us.

Chemical peels which are fruit acids that remove dead skin cells. And we combine this treatment with a hydrating mask which soothes the irritation from the previous treatments and also as the skin is cleansed and ready to receive hydration, it provides hydration."



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