Baby Botox Vs Face Cream

Baby Botox Vs Face Cream

The most basic product in every woman's toiletry bag is undoubtedly the moisturizing and anti-wrinkle cream. But do they really work as advertised?

After clinical trials on the most popular products of its kind, lotions and creams containing collagen, they concluded that all offer negligible improvement, regardless of price.

There's no point spending a fortune on anti-wrinkle creams, say scientists who took part in research by the charity Sense About Science.

And this is because the collagen molecules are so large that they barely penetrate the inner layers of the skin. "Although it is believed that the 60% of such a cream is absorbed by the skin, the reality is that most of it remains in the epidermis," says Jonathan Handgraft, professor of biophysics at the University of London.

The research showed that after 12 weeks of use the anti-wrinkle creams tested somewhat smoothed fine lines and wrinkles, but even the most effective products failed to reduce the depth of wrinkles by more than 10%, an improvement practically invisible to the eye.

"Tests revealed that, on average, these products improved the appearance of skin little and there was no correlation between price and effectiveness said a representative of the organization.

Sense About Science commissioned a specialized European laboratory to examine creams costing between 20 and 350 euros which are selling well.

Each cream was tested on women aged 30 to 70, who used the collagen cream on half of their face and a plain water cream on the other half. Changes in wrinkle depth and skin roughness were examined with an optical device.

The improvement was not the same in all women, but in any case it was relatively limited.


But what is the mechanism that can stop the aging process?

The answer is the Baby Botox

Baby Botox is an "invention" of dermatologists for Hollywood actors and immediately became famous in England and the rest of Europe.

It was created for anyone who wanted to reduce wrinkles and not allow them to deepen, but not to have a frozen expression and to maintain expressiveness on the face.


How is it possible? baby botox?

In micro Botox as it is called, we use a lot smaller doses of the drug, in exactly the same places as with regular full face Botox.

Baby Botox

The result is that fine wrinkles disappear, while larger and deeper wrinkles are reduced and softened, and the face acquires a fresh and rested appearance.


Its Positives baby botox

With baby botox, the face does not freeze and maintains a completely natural expressiveness and the result is very natural to the extent that no one can understand that the botox application took place! This fact is very important for many people (eg those involved in theatre, television, etc.).

In other words, the movement of the muscles of expression continues but with less intensity, so the wrinkles appear less intense, achieving a very "natural" aesthetic result, as the face appears to be fresh and "rested".

Also, in young people who have a problem with wrinkles only in one area of the face, for example in the middle of the forehead due to intense frowning, we apply only to this area using very few units of the medicine. This is how we solve this problem before we let it create intense deep wrinkles in the middle of the forehead. The ages that turn to us to solve this local frown problem are very young, under 30 years old. In these people, we can also apply a few units of the medicine to the forehead as a preventive measure so as not to let the frontal muscles create the horizontal wrinkles of "denial" and in this way we prevent and prevent the appearance of wrinkles!

We also recommend baby botox to people who have no previous experience with botox application (first timers) and have various phobias and questions about the treatment in order to familiarize themselves with the treatment more easily. Then they might want to try a full face application as well.

Baby botox – cost

Each baby botox treatment is personalized as each person has different needs. The price of baby botox is much less than a good face cream and its results last many times longer.

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