MESOBOTOX is the combination of Botulinum Toxin Type A together with heterologous enriched mesotherapeutic hyaluronic acid. The treatment is something completely different from the classic application of botulinum toxin (which becomes deep in the muscles and prevents the contraction of specific muscle groups by blocking some expressions that create wrinkles). Here the low-dose toxin is injected much higher into the reticular and papillary skin. (layers of skin) in combination with the mesotherapeutic hyaluronic acid that hosts the toxin. In addition to the action on skin tone, the placement of the toxin in the skin also positively affects the function of sweat and sebaceous glands.


  • Significantly improves fine wrinkles
  • Extremely natural result (naturallook)
  • Painless treatment is done with a very fine 31G and 33G needle after application of local anesthesia
  • Treatment suitable for people who for professional or personal reasons want to maintain all the expression-mobility in their face
  • CREATES intense tightening
  • MAKES RENOVATION of the epidermis
  • GIVES excellent shine
  • MOISTURIZES the skin
  • Provides clearer skin. The skin does not look wrinkled and dull
  • Treatment in special areas of the face such as the lower eyelid (fine wrinkles, relaxation of the skin) and upper lip-mustache (smoker's wrinkles).

Financial treatment 4 Suitable for all ages (prevention function at a young age)


1) Face, 2) Neck – Neckline, 3) Hands

Each area requires a separate treatment protocol.

The treatment of both can be done at the same time 2 the 3 different localizations

THERAPEUTIC PROTOCOL – 3 sessions every two months

After the first session , the next one takes place after a month and the third session after 6 months (from the first)

The protocol is completed in the semester and is usually repeated after 6-12 months