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[blockquote]What makes cosmetic dermatology different?[/blockquote]

We live in a demanding society. Young children are often distressed by the beauty standards that are put forward by the media. This has an impact on their social life (performance at school,family relationships). Later at young adult life apart from their interpersonal relationships good appearance has a direct impact on other aspects of social life such as job opportunities. Men and women in more mature age are daily working very hard and in their spare time they have many others commitments (eg family commitments) so they often neglect their beauty. In this way the internal need to maintain the best possible level of beauty for our age is not satisfied, while we feel that we have to compete with younger and more beautiful people

Cosmetic dermatology aims to correct defects, to renew the appearance with natural-biologic means and resources. Treatments are painless and don’t require recovery (which is very important for people who need directly to continue their work. It provides solutions to people who want to avoid or can’t afford plastic surgery.

We consider beauty as God’s art so we perceive our mission as art conservators!

[blockquote]Company History[/blockquote]

Our private clinic was founded in 2009. Initially ran into a smaller space of 52 m2, but our constant investment in new technology equipment and new colleagues and staff necessitated an extension to a larger and more luxurious space of 110 m2.

Our clinic is located in the heart of Thessaloniki in the most central street, to have easy access by all means of transport to both residents of the prefecture of Thessaloniki, but it can be easily found by people who come from province

Dr Kalokasidis Konstantinos is PhD of Medical School at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.
His private clinic is located at the center of Thessaloniki at 88 Tsimiski str.

There dr Kalokasidis and his associates use the most up-to-date treatments and laser technologies both for clinical and cosmetic dermatology applications.

In this website you can read useful articles about products and applications of clinical and cosmetic dermatology we use in our clinic

Also you can watch the video files for better comprehension!


Our clinic

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