"Liquid" Face Lift Non-surgical approach to total face lift

"Liquid" Face Lift Non-surgical approach to total face lift

A large number of people often contact the dermatologist to consult him about some injectable treatment on the face. The expectation of most is the overall repair of various imperfections, such as wrinkles on the forehead and between the eyebrows, correction of nasolabial wrinkles between the nose and mouth, correction of drooping, increase of lip volume, correction of discolouration-stains. Sometimes they get frustrated when they realize that they can't have everything with just one application like using botulinum toxin. A combination of different treatments is required and they must be done in the right order!

THE scientific approach of the issue is the repair of defects of the face starting from depth: That is use of botulinum toxin, hyaluronic and threads. 

The "liquid facelift" describes a combination facial treatment that takes its name from the liquid-liquid composition of the materials used. Botulinum toxin (botox/dysport) offers a reduction (baby botox) or elimination of intense muscle contraction in the forehead-mid-frow area-and on its sides "Liquid" Face Lift Non-surgical approach to total face lifteye ("crow's feet") resulting in a noticeable reduction or disappearance of these wrinkles. THE Botox treatment he's got double benefit because on the one hand works therapeutically by reducing deep wrinkles and eliminating medium depth wrinkles, but also preventively when it is done at younger ages (close to 30 years) because it does not allow the face to form resting wrinkles, thus slowing down the aging process a lot.

The Botox achieves a very "natural" aesthetic effect , as the face appears to be fresh and "rested". So for the upper face, botulinum toxin is the treatment of first choice.

To restore the lost volume of the face, the treatment of choice is hyaluronic acid. Here we must emphasize that depending on the area we want to repair, we also use another type of hyaluronic acid:

  • For restoration of cheekbones ("apples") we will need special hyaluronic acid that can be deposited deeply and gives us volume in the area we are looking for. In addition to the triangulation of the face, this application also offers correction of nasolabial wrinkles as well as correction of the contour of the lower jaw, that is to say, face lift.
  • For increase in volume in the lips and the correction of the contour of the face, we will need a special hyaluronic acid with a very soft texture.
  • For her correction of nasolabial folds-wrinkles we will need a reinforced hyaluronic that can withstand the strong forces that develop in the area.
  • End for her correction of very thin lines which are created on the upper lip ("smoker's wrinkles") or around the eye, requires a particularly fine-flowing material.

After correcting the lack of volume with hyaluronic, it is time to support and lift the face with use of absorbable sutures PDO. These fall into two main categories:"Liquid" Face Lift Non-surgical approach to total face lift

Sta threads which are used for creating a support network (very useful for supporting the face as well as the neck) while we strongly recommend it combination of treatment with application of autologous mesotherapy –PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma). This treatment isolates the patient's own growth factors which are placed in this case at the point of application of the threads, enhancing collagen production around the threads. Autologous mesotherapy is another powerful component of the "liquid facelift".

The other category of threads includes the threads COQs which are immediate face lifting threads. Many times it is recommended to use both types of threads, with the mesh threads coming first.

The second phase of the treatment follows when we complete the "deep treatments" to perfect the result by correcting the surface problems as well.

As mesotherapy we recommend her autologous mesotherapy which is a key component of the "liquid facelift". By autologous we mean material from the organism itself. The final product of PRP is creature "Liquid" Face Lift Non-surgical approach to total face liftthe patient himself enriched with their own growth factors which we use as mesotherapy material. The placement of PRP growth factors in the skin of the face causes the stimulation of fibroblasts of the skin to create new collagen and elastin. This has the effect of improving skin texture, tightening as well as improving the appearance of fine wrinkles. Also, the nutrition and oxygenation of the skin is improved as well as the PRP treatment improves blood circulation in the skin through the creation of new vessels (angiogenesis). The PRP method stimulates fibroblasts to produce hyaluronic acid, causing increased moisture and deep hydration of the skin. It gives glow to the skin. PRP can be done as a purely injectable application with a syringe or in combination with Micro-Needling, i.e. microneedling of the skin with the help of a special device in the form of an electrically powered pen.

In case we have to repair more serious imperfections on the surface of the skin such as "acne scars", we will prefer a more invasive fractional technique combined with PRP as it is fractional dioxide laser CO2

For shine of the face we recommend it FRAXPEEL which is the evolution of peelings. On this "Liquid" Face Lift Non-surgical approach to total face liftcombination protocol we use a fractional technique (which can be dioxide laser or radio frequency or micro-acupuncture) which helps to penetrate the chemical peel that is applied immediately afterwards deeper into the skin. I mean the fractional technology "paves the way" for it to penetrate peeling easier and deeper into the skin. This allows us to use very light peels such as citric (derived from lemon) and mandelic (derived from bitter almond) which have little penetration into intact skin. These light peelings will give us all the beneficial effects such as radiance, firmness of the skin, elimination of discolorations, while causing minimal irritation.

The above techniques can be combined - depending on the needs - with other techniques and technologies such as cryolipolysis in combination with acoustic waves and lipolysis mesotherapy to correct the double chin, dermabrasion with microcrystals or diamond for deep cleansing person. All this, depending on the problems on which the patient and doctor focus.

In conclusion, the modern proposals of aesthetic medicine allow us to postpone or even avoid surgical solutions for the restoration of our face.