What does our DNA show about us?


What is a DNA gene?

Our basic unit of inheritance (DNA), which contains stored information and transmits it from one generation to another and genetically determines us not only our appearance, but also the chances of developing various diseases.

DNA Testing – 4-way Genetic Testing

  • Health - genetic, hereditary diseases
  • Youthfulness - anti-aging - well-being
  • Nutrition - diet - metabolism - obesity
  • Sport: Body compatible choice – Performance – Avoiding injuries – Psychological stimulation and encouragement

*(The DNA CHECK examines all genes regardless of gender and age, and the procedure is very simple since it is done by taking a sample from the mouth using a swab)

In recent years, the developments in genetics have been exciting since our genes stopped keeping secret the codes that related to our external characteristics, but also our internal gifts, as well as our overall health.

These codes (DNA sequences), if they only kept secret our potential genetic advantages, all would be well, but they also kept secret our potential "disadvantages". Our shortcomings that would later create small or bigger problems for us.

The DNA CHECK through a 4-way control, "discovers" our genetic "barriers". Our genetic "difficulties".

  • "I'm worried about hereditary diseases..."
  • "I would be interested in having my genetic profile examined as a precaution.."
  • "I watch my diet or I'm constantly on a diet, but what I see in the mirror and on the scale doesn't correspond to my effort..."
  • "I exercise but my body doesn't respond..."
  • "Which sport would be ideal for my child?"
  • "I am concerned with the issue of anti-aging. But what I try is either temporary or without much effect

DNA Testing and Sports

"Doctor, I get tired easily"-

Athletic performance, physical performance, endurance, strength, speed, and even susceptibility to injury and recovery time are set and selected before we are even born.

It is impressive that it is also prescribed whether our psychology will be able to withstand the sports frustrations and competitiveness of the championship. Isn't it pretty amazing that by checking our DNA, we can now know exactly what is 'written' in our genes so we can catch it and deal with it?

Isn't it amazing that the 7-year-old little soccer player might not be good at soccer, no matter how hard he tries, while becoming an amazing endurance runner? Because the DNA his, his body in other words is not made, it is not compatible with this sport.

Isn't it impressive, that one can in a simple way find, that exact sport that suits one's own genetic material?

From the gene research results are obtained regarding:

  • Body Mass Index – Fat Percentages
  • Metabolism of lipids
  • Metabolism – Lactose
  • Muscle performance
  • Athletic performance-ability-endurance
  • Susceptibility to tendon and bone injuries/recovery
  • Psychological state of the athlete under the influence of stress and competition
  • Testosterone Metabolism Information (applies to antidopin controls)
  • Lactose metabolism
  • Antioxidant action and detoxification
  • Inflammatory response and obesity
  • Regulation of homocysteine levels

DNA Check & Health – Genetic & Hereditary Diseases

"Are you saying I inherited it?"

Our DNA genetically determines not only our appearance!


The DNA test investigates, checks our genes and gives us results about our health predisposition, both in a series of diseases and illnesses and how to prevent and treat them, if this predisposition is confirmed.

This becomes even more important if we consider that with the knowledge of genetics we can better plan and outline the habits and lifestyle of not only an adult, but also the subsequent course of a child's health.

As you will see below, many diseases, we know in advance that they have a hereditary basis and action, but most of the time we let time show us the symptoms when the condition manifests itself.

Is it better to know in advance the secrets of our DNA, so that we have the time to prevent, maintain and shield our health?

From the gene research results are obtained regarding the following:

  • Venous thrombosis
  • Cystic fibrosis
  • Type II diabetes
  • Bone Health – Osteoporosis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Ankylosing spondylitis
  • various forms of cancer
  • Asthma – Response to asthma medications
  • Hypertension
  • Skin cancer
  • Inflammatory skin diseases
  • Allergic and contact dermatitis.

DNA Check & Modern Lifestyle (Nutrition – Metabolism Diet – Obesity)

"When will I finally lose weight?"

If the predisposition of your metabolism is "sluggish", if there is no response of the body to reduced food intake, if lipolysis is an unsolved issue established in your body and if the extra weight has become your permanent opponent, then it is very likely that DNA you to be responsible for all of the above. Design the best possible diet and exercise program based on your unique characteristics.

With the DNA test we can know the individual's predisposition to obesity and an increased Body Mass Index. Also, in addition to determining the possible increased predisposition, these tests allow for specialized preventive measures, such as special nutritional guidance and exercise, with the aim of reducing weight and protecting the health of the individual, as well as specialized exercise suggestions that suit with your own individual, physical "map". Incredible, isn't it?

From the gene research results are obtained regarding:

  • Lactose metabolism
  • Antioxidant action and detoxification
  • Response and obesity-Hypertension
  • Feeding behavior and metabolism – Metabolism of lipids
  • Inflammatory response and obesity
  • Body mass index
  • Use of anabolic substances
  • Psychological state (motivation to exercise)
  • Metabolism of lipids – Lipolysis
  • Nutritional Genomics.
  • Regulation of homocysteine levels
  • Response to food intake / feeling of reward

DNA Check & Youthfulness – Antiaging – Wellness

"Time doesn't pass you by.."

Genes don't keep secrets anymore. They give us insight into our predisposition in areas such as collagen synthesis, ability to manage free radicals, metabolism, cholesterol, skin allergies and skin diseases, skin cell renewal and other areas of anti-aging protection, ability to metabolize alcohol and caffeine, hair growth and predisposition to alopecia (baldness), etc.

We often notice people around us, whose appearance has been significantly affected by time, and others who are almost untouched by time.

This is precisely because not all of us have the same good combination of DNA us, but the individual characteristics of our genetic predisposition help us more or less in the struggle to preserve youth.

With the DNA test, the doctor who practices preventive medicine can help to establish a healthy combination, a "shape" that will aim at our health, well-being and youth, not just by giving us general guidelines and instructions, but individualized directions such as properly adjusted diet, exercise or the use of specialized anti-aging cosmetic products.

From the gene research results are obtained regarding:

  • Collagen synthesis
  • Hair growth, androgenetic alopecia (baldness), sexual desire
  • Antioxidant capacity – Free radical management
  • Inflammatory skin diseases – Allergic and contact dermatitis.
  • Control of lipid, cholesterol and triglyceride metabolism
  • Predisposition to type II diabetes mellitus.
  • Regulation of homocysteine levels
  • Protection from environmental contaminants.
  • Renewal of skin cells
  • Skin cancer
  • Alcohol Metabolism
  • Caffeine metabolism
  • Personality traits – decision making.
  • Personality Traits – Intelligence Score