CELL CELLS: The "hidden" enemy of every woman, but which CAN be defeated!

ΚΥΤΤΑΡΙΤΙΔΑ: Ο «κρυφός» εχθρός κάθε γυναίκας, που όμως ΜΠΟΡΕΙ να νικηθεί!

It "hides" even in the most beautiful or fit bodies. In thin or even curvy lines of the woman, in places that are usually visible during exposure to the beach and relentless sunlight. It is an insidious "hidden enemy", but can be defeated with the most advanced medical methods.

What is "cellulitis"?

It is not a simple fat deposit. It involves filtration (filtering) of the connective tissue with fatty substances and water retention. It is accompanied by a decrease in skin elasticity, swelling and the appearance of a characteristic unevenness in the skin also known as "Orange peel". Practically, swelling points are due to fat, which has been swollen by swelling, and deepening points are due to fibers (connective tissue partitions), located between in the fat cells and keep the skin anchored in the deeper tissues.

The causes that cause the appearance of cellulite but also worsen it, are mainly heredity (family predisposition), poor blood circulation in the area, hormonal disorders, (sometimes also pregnancy),  smoking, alcohol abuse, sedentary lifestyle, bad eating habits, stress.

Dealing with cellulite is a difficult and multifaceted affair, as it requires a change in our overall lifestyle, persistence and patience. Actually it doesn't exist anti cellulite diet, but proper nutrition that helps prevent, improving and combating the problem. Combined with other parameters (e.g. exercise) and treatments, it contributes to successful treatment.

What are the types of "cellulitis"?

The mildest form of cellulite is stage 1 , also known as "loose cellulite" or "fibrous". It is only apparent after pinching the area and occurs in thin women without localized thickness. The "cellulitis of thin girls", as it is called, it is not associated with fat, but with normal fat cells, which have been trapped. This results in the fibrous tissue surrounding them to multiply abnormally and harden.

The so-called stage B cellulitis, or else "tumorous" the "adipose" is of moderate grade and visible only when the woman lies in a standing position. This type appears together with localized fat, mainly in the buttocks and thighs. With weight gain, the appearance of cellulite worsens, while with weight reduction, it improves. 

When we gain weight, fat cells swell and grow, taking over multiple amounts of fat than what each cell can normally withstand. Finally it sticks with its neighbors and the visible result is the "orange peel" aspect. Fatty cellulite improves with a weight loss diet. However, local methods are also needed, aimed at both lipolysis and restoration her microcirculation, which suffers due to the volume of fat cells.

Stage 3 cellulite, also known as "solid" or "nodular". It is of great degree, evident both in upright as well as in prone position. The skin is hard and often hurts on pressure. Fat cells they tend to accumulate in lobules, which give the impression of small tumors within the skin. These formations are so solid that it is not possible to bleed properly. In fact, they are so stiff that they even irritate the nerve endings, causing pain.

However, there are different treatment approaches - depending on the type of cellulite - so it is important to do it diagnosis by the doctor.