HPV ( papillomas - warts ): Viruses dangerous for health but also for... relationships!

HPV (papillomas - warts): Viruses dangerous for health but also for... relationships!

"You cheated on me...", "...I want a divorce", "...who knows which prostitutes you've slept with", "...didn't you even think that our children might get involved????...!!!", "...you're not ashamed... !”…

These are just some of the phrases exchanged by the couples who often come to my practice with papillomas or warts. The spread of HPV, especially lately, is causing great concern, as these are resistant and contagious diseases. Some of these viruses are blamed for the appearance of genital malignancy.

The truth is…

The truth is that, indeed, sexual contact is the main way of transmission of the HPV virus. The majority of sexually active women and men, they will be infected at least once in their life by some type of HPV. Also, direct skin contact with the HPV infected area is a secondary, but not rare, route of infection.


However, the time that elapses from contact with the virus until its manifestation, varies from a few months up to 10 (yes, TEN) whole years. In other words, once you catch the virus, you become a carrier of it, even if you don't have the slightest symptom. This means that anyone, who has become a carrier of the virus even without knowing it, can show symptoms at an unsuspected time. For example, when the immune system will be "tired" and will no longer be able to resist the manifestation of the virus. Also know that even people who carry atypical forms of HPV also transmit the virus to their sexual partners. Often, in those infected with the virus, neither macroscopic nor microscopic lesion is visible.


If your partner has warts, don't be too quick to blame him. It is common for someone to catch the virus at a young age, to become a carrier of the disease without even knowing it, but for symptoms to appear up to 10 years later!

How many viruses HPV exist?

More than 120 types of viruses papillomas (HPV) that infect humans, have been identified today, while new types are constantly being identified. forty (40) from them, are considered sexually transmitted and indeed belong to the most widespread diseases.

How are viruses transmitted? HPV?

Common target of viruses HPV, it is the basic layer of the epithelium, where cell divisions take place. The access of viruses to this layer is ensured through micro-injuries of the skin, that's why sexual contact (vaginal, oral and/or anal) is the main way of transmission of the virus because, due to friction, it is very easy to create epithelial hacks. The number of sexual partners also plays an important role. Also, the virus can penetrate the epithelial cells of a healthy organism, both through injuries and through small abrasions of the skin or mucous membrane, after skin contact with an infected person.

The viruses Do HPV cause cancer?

HPVs infect the squamous epithelium of the skin and mucous membranes, including the mucous membranes of the mouth and pharynx, cervix, vagina and anus. They increase its mitotic activity and cause the appearance of various lesions, the nature of which depends on the area of the body and the type of virus.

Epidemiological studies have shown that in the majority of cases, a random cellular infection does not necessarily develop into inflammation and remains in a latent form for long periods of time. However, some of these viruses are blamed for the appearance of malignancy in the genital organs.

Depending on the type of HPV and the lesions it causes, the viruses are classified as High Risk, low risk and moderate risk. Analysis of the DNA sequence of HPVs helps to identify and categorize them and ultimately to a prediction of possible alterations expected to occur in humans after infection with any of them.

The virus can be diagnosed HPV before symptoms appear?

The virus that "destroys trust in relationships", HPV, now it can be diagnosed BEFORE even if one or both partners develop symptoms.

The innovative H.P.V DNA TEST

  • detects HPV early and with great sensitivity
  • a sample is collected from various areas of the body
  • detects easily and painlessly the virus in epithelial tissues
  • determines the type of virus BEFORE even cause morphological changes
  • is achieved immediate diagnosis
  • it is done identification – classification of HPV viruses
  • is achieved forecast of the possible ones alterations expected to appear
  • It aims at fast and appropriate Treatment
  • cases where treatment is required are defined



The U.P.V –DNA TEST is the most timely and reliable diagnosis for HPV

for a life without fear, mutual accusations and doubts...