Face cleaning

Face cleaning
Deep facial cleansing is the essential skin care treatment for all skin types regardless of age. It is the process in which dead cells are removed and oiliness is regulated in order to hydrate the face.

What is the process;

  • Makeup removal
  • Exfoliation (peeling)
  • Using steam to open pores
  • Application of product with enzymes or serum with acids to liquefy sebum
  • Sebum extraction
  • Moisturizing / cleansing / soothing face mask according to the requirements of each skin
  • Sun cream
TIP: It is important to know which lesions to remove, because we should not step on deep cystic lesions on the skin, just remove only the surface lesions, unload the skin and better prepare it for dermatological acne treatments.

For what cases does it apply?

  1. Acne treatment
  2. Shiny face
  3. Clear skin without black spots
  4. Smooth skin
  5. Best makeup application




There are multiple black spots and the skin is slightly dull with slight discoloration



The blackheads are gone and we clearly have a brighter complexion

What is the frequency of treatment?

  • Normal skin: 1 time per year
  • Dry skin: 1 time every 2 years
  • Oily skin: Every 2 months
  • Combination skin: 2-3 times a year
  • Acne skin: Every 25 – 30 days until the acne clears up

The cost varies according to the needs of each skin. It usually ranges from €50 – €75.

The duration of the treatment varies according to the needs of the skin. It usually ranges from 45 to 90 minutes.

  1. I avoid sweating after the treatment (gym, swimming, sauna, running, etc.)
  2. Hand cleaning
  3. Contact with people who have beards can irritate your skin
  4. Change pillowcases
  5. Clean face and bath towels
  6. Contact with animal fur is prohibited
  7. It is forbidden to wash your hair on the day of the treatment
  8. Application of sun cream