BOTOX as a PREVENTIVE treatment. Microdosed and personalized botox.

BOTOX as a PREVENTIVE treatment. Microdosed and personalized botox.

“Preventive Botox involves using the toxin to prevention of the formation of lines and wrinkles, rather than for the correction when the lines and wrinkles have already formed and then the treatment is often less successful."

"With the right grimaces that use the movement of the facial muscles we can pinpoint where the lines will develop, but they're not there yet with the face at rest."

Botox works to relax the muscles that when contracted cause expression wrinkles which when repeated lead to permanent static wrinkles (resting wrinkles). Therefore, if we relax a little bit the overly expressive muscles, we have less intense wrinkling during facial expressions and thus, we significantly delay or even prevent the formation of permanent static wrinkles. The goal is not to completely freeze the muscles and have no mobility at all, but simply to contract more gently. Botox is not intended to remove every expression, but simply to soften it. A frozen face is not the goal – youthful faces move.

Preventive Botox is best suited for someone who is predisposed and most likely to develop deep or multiple wrinkles. Someone who sees their mother or other family member as having deep or exaggerated expression lines. Also, someone who has a very expressive face (uses their facial muscles a lot when speaking and communicating) tends to get more wrinkles at a younger age. Plus those with thin and dry skin (as opposed to thicker, oilier skin which is more resistant to wrinkling).

So it has nothing to do with age but it depends on the skin condition of the person. There are also exceptional cases where the use of toxin is indicated even at ages below 25 years.

"It's much easier to prevent than to fix."