Injectable mesotherapy & lipolysis

Injectable mesotherapy & lipolysis

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“]Sometimes despite the effort we make with diet and exercise we cannot get rid of localized fat (“cellulitis”, “buns”).

Liposuction is the treatment of choice but today we have mesotherapy as a safer alternative.



Mesotherapy does not require any anesthesia, it is painless, it is done without incisions in the skin. It consists of a series of injections which are made inside the accumulated local fat with the thinnest needle we have (an "insulin" syringe), while the solution we use contains lipid solvents such as phosphatidylcholine (lecithin), carnitine, organic silicon, which they liquefy fat. This is then removed naturally (via the lymphatic system).

Mesotherapy does not require recovery time, you can go straight to your work or any activity!

Better results are achieved when the treatment is combined with daily mild exercise (eg walking, cycling, swimming), avoiding smoking and diet (avoiding alcohol, carbonated drinks).

Injectable mesotherapy & lipolysis



"This is an excellent technique and extremely effective that offers us what no cream for dealing with cellulite or locally accumulated fat can offer us. Essentially with very small insulin syringe inserts (the thinnest available), we pour fat dissolvers such as lecithin, carnitine and Vitamin C into the area that has the problem so that we can liquefy the fat cells which are then oiled and excreted in the urine. The treatment is very effective, 5 sessions are required over a period of 20-25 days and all we ask of the patient is to cooperate with us, i.e. to intensify the efforts he makes for exercise, even simple exercise, such as walking and cycling , to drink a lot of water in order to achieve easier lymphatic removal of fat, to avoid carbonate from his diet and to have a healthier diet in general. With the completion of the treatment there is a reduction in the points in the areas where the problem exists and of course the treatment is aimed at people who have a local problem. There the results are excellent."[/et_single][et_single icon=”no-icon” tab_title=”



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