Why should I do laser hair removal in a dermatology clinic?

Why should I do laser hair removal in a dermatology clinic?

It is true that laser hair removal is now a mass treatment aimed at the majority of women and men of all ages.

Because it is such a popular treatment and because it is offered at many centers in every neighborhood in very attractive programs and packages, the public has been given the impression that it is a very simple procedure that anyone with basic training can perform.

But this is not true.

We will analyze the arguments why hair removal is best done in a dermatology clinic under the supervision and responsibility of the doctor.

The dermatologist will design the treatment plan and define the correct parameters with which the application will be made in each case. Because each case is different and requires different parameters.

The parameters of hair removal (energy we use, pulse duration and speed) differ in each case not only based on skin color (which is determined genetically but also depends on exposure to the sun - "tanning" or to artificial light sources - solarium) but also the color and thickness and density of the hair, but also with the age of each case, the presence of concomitant diseases and medical conditions such as endocrinological "hormonal" problems - polycystic ovaries, hirsutism, but also dermatological problems such as photodermatitis, rosacea , lupus, neurological diseases such as epilepsy, others and with medications that the patient may be taking while always taking into account the sensitivity of each person to pain.

Finally, in a medical area, the doctor is also responsible for the ongoing training of beauticians who operate hair removal lasers and is present to answer questions and provide solutions where the need arises. Information is given before the application on how the incident will be properly prepared, instructions are given on what to avoid doing after laser hair removal, while during the application process the conditions of antiseptics, safety protocols are observed (special glasses for the operator of the machine and the incident and other special protocols such as the safety protocol for COVID as defined by the Panhellenic Medical Association.

All of the above is also reflected in the consent form that is given to sign each incident before hair removal.

With these conditions, laser hair removal is an absolutely safe procedure.

On the contrary, when it is done casually without observing the safety measures and without proper parameterization it can lead to unwanted effects and complications which can be relatively simple such as superficial burns which leave spots of discoloration, injury due to burns of pigmented spots and moles (olives). of the skin, but also more serious complications such as deeper burns leading to the formation of blisters but also serious ophthalmological complications with permanent damage to the iris and the ciliary muscle of the eye.

In a medical dermatology center, all lasers are CE certified (which we submit to the medical association), while the most equipped clinics also have different laser technologies (Alexandrite, diode, but also long pulse NdYag) so that they can provide solutions to particularly difficult cases such as particularly melancholic or even black skin.

But the most important thing is that laser hair removal is treated with the seriousness of a medical procedure and not as another commercial product.