problem me idrwta botoxThe ΒΟΤΟΧ can offer great relief to this so important problem.

Excessive sweating occurs even at rest, but is significantly enhanced during physical activity and psychological stress.

The problem is not only aesthetic, but it also creates Psychological problems to the sufferer and social problems (difficulty shaking hands in palmar hyperhidrosis creates occupational problems, difficulty in written exams etc.).

In primary hyperhidrosis, its mechanism of action botox is the cessation of the nerve impulse that reaches the sweat glands and commands them to produce sweat. It should be noted that the application botox in such situations it prevents excessive sweating and not the normal production of sweat.

botox MASXALI CARTOGRAPHYBefore treatment hyperhidrosis with botox is preceded by mapping of the area with a starch test – iodine. With this test, the sweating area is painted black. Botox is then injected intradermally as painlessly as possible. Botox hyperhidrosis treatment is the treatment of choice for immediate reduction to disappearance of sweating, while the patient returns immediately to his activities.

Prior to application, it should be screened for pathological causes of secondary hyperhidrosis such as hyperthyroidism and pheochromocytoma. . In these cases the pathological cause should be corrected and then the primary hyperhidrosis should be treated..

The good results of the application last for 6 months.

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