Hyaluronic acid, it is one natural ingredient of the skin. It has the ability to bind (like an organic "sponge") water molecules resulting in moisturizes and to offers volume on the skin.

Over the years, the skin loses hyaluronic acid molecules (as well, collagen and elastin). Alongside, the remaining hyaluronic acid, becomes qualitatively weaker, that is, it holds less water.

Result of loss of hyaluronic acid is to be formed deep wrinkles especially in the nasopharyngeal grooves (i.e.. the points between the nose and the mouth), to display the so-called "Smoker's wrinkles" above the upper lip and "Wrinkles of bitterness" under the lips. In particularly expressive individuals, deep wrinkles are formed in the middle eyebrow as well (that is, at the point between the eyebrows) and next to the eye (known as… "Goose foot").

Today, the hyaluronic acid is produced synthetically and it is safe for use as implant (injectable material) in aesthetic dermatology, to "fill in" these wrinkles.

Other uses of hyaluronic acid as an implant are to impart volume on the lips and create an aesthetically enhanced and more beautiful mouth.

The result of hyaluronic acid as a filler, is immediately perceptible and the patient leaves with a new one renewed face.


-How to treat with hyaluronic acid to correct nasopharyngeal wrinkles;

Hyaluronic acid can be used to "Fill" wrinkles and deep lines anywhere on the face and especially the deep lines between the nose and mouth (nasopharyngeal) or between the eyebrows (mesofryo).

So we can fill the nasopharyngeal wrinkles (the line that goes down between the nose and the corner of the mouth) adding hyaluronic acid. This, should be enough enhanced because this area of ​​the face is constantly receiving strength as we speak, we smile etc.. So the line it softens and is corrected. The result of the application lasts up to 12 months.

Another way correction is the addition of a special type of hyaluronic acid to the cheekbones. This application that "emphasizes" the cheekbones with hyaluronic has the additional benefit that are automatically corrected and in a natural way (without even filling them with hyaluronic acid) and the nasopharyngeal grooves. Adding volume to the cheekbones, also gives a triangularity on the face which the flatters, but also corrects the outline of the face as the line of the lower jaw looks better and more intense. In essence, is thus achieved correction of facial relaxation. The special type of this hyaluronic acid that gives volume to the cheekbones has a very long life as well the result lasts at least 18 months!


-How to correct "smoky wrinkles" with hyaluronic acid;

This is a very demanding application, because we want to correct smoky wrinkles without adding volume in the area. Often, such wrinkles are also observed in non-smokers. The problem has to do with the anatomy of the area on the upper lip-mustache.

In this application, we prefer one thin low molecular weight hyaluronic acid or one mesotherapy-hydration hyaluronic acid which will moisturize the area and correct smoky wrinkles, without adding volume.


-I need to improve the contour and volume of the mouth. Hyaluronic acid can have high aesthetic results;

Hyaluronic acid can be used to give volume to the upper or lower lip oral.

Can be used in the contour of the upper lip to lift the upper lip upwards and at the same time to assist in improvement of annoying vertical wrinkles appearing in the upper lip-filter area (in the "mustache"). Wrinkles are more common in smokers, but also to very expressive individuals.

Yet, can be placed and below the corners of the mouth to correct the fall of the corner of the mouth, when it is observed.

THE Hyaluronic acid application is painless after application of xylocaine anesthetic cream, while in this application we use specialized hyaluronic acid products for the lips and the mouth area.

In each case a beautiful and sensual mouth adds a lot to the optimal appearance of the face.


-Mesotherapy with hyaluronic acid for hydration of face and body. What results does it have;

The skin contains an important moisturizing agent, called hyaluronic acid, which prevents its dehydration.

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a very powerful moisturizer, which draws 1000 times its weight in moisture (water) from the surrounding environment. HA is produced naturally by our skin to help hydrate it, but unfortunately, as we get older the intake becomes weaker and weaker. This is one of the main reasons that we notice a feeling of dryness on our skin as the years go by.

The superficial treatment with creams may temporarily hydrate the surface of the skin, but can not provide and maintain the deep hydration needed to maintain its elasticity and healthy glow.

In this case that we want to achieve deep and strong hydration on the skin we use mesotherapy hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid then, not used to fill deep wrinkles, but to offer a deep hydration to the skin and to indirectly help eliminate wrinkles, in elasticity and younger look of the skin. This application has special value and in areas of the body as the neck , the décolleté and the dorsal surface of the extremities of the hands.

Mesotherapy is done with infusion of hyaluronic acid exactly below the surface of the skin in two or three sessions and at intervals of up to 20-30 days.

The skin is hydrated, improves its tone and elasticity, resulting in being a natural and healthy glow in person, the neck, the neckline and the back of the hands.


-I can eliminate them “black circles” on the eyes with hyaluronic acid;

Dark circles around the eyes are a common problem for many people and are treated with applications made in the dermatology clinic..

The problem is mainly due to hereditary factors and is more common in people with very thin skin on the lower eyelids, without enough fat. The result is to distinguish the vessels, giving a dark complexion to the skin.

A very effective treatment is use of injectable hyaluronic acid-mesotherapy in the area below the lower eyelids. This increases the distance of the skin from the vessels of the area and changes the shading of the lower eyelid. The result is usually impressive.


It is safe to use hyaluronic acid;

Hyaluronic acid is one absolutely safe material where does not cause allergic reactions or others side effects The treatments we apply concern injectable hyaluronic acid. After its injection remains for about 12 months. After this time the body breaks it down and absorbs it.


-Hyaluronic acid treatment hurts;

No. Before treatment I applye in area one xylocaine cream which numbs the injection site . The application uses the thinner needle insulin to be the application painless and to minimize the possibility of hematoma. Also the hyaluronic acid we use is combined with xylocaine which makes the application even more painless.


-How long does the application take?; I can return directly to my job;

The application lasts about 20-30 minutes. At this time we add more 20-30 minutes before the application of the anesthetic cream (EMLA) in the area. After the end of the application you can go straight back to work, to go for coffee etc. In America, These treatments are also called… lunch break treatments because they can be done even during the lunch break.!


-When do I see the result of the application;

The results are immediately visible in rate of his class 80%. The final result we have it after about 10 days, whereupon the strongly hydrophilic hyaluronic acid has retained a significant amount of water, has increased its volume and moisturized the area.


-How long does the effect of the application of hyaluronic acid last?;

It usually lasts a year. In areas such as the mouth where there is intense mobility the effect lasts a little less , while in the application for volume in the cheekbones where we use highly enhanced hyaluronic acid effect lasts at least 18 months.


-At what age can one start applying hyaluronic acid?;

There is no right age to start hyaluronic acid treatments. At younger ages the treatment is generally oriented towards emphasize some characteristics of the face, such as lips or cheekbones.

In which advanced ages the treatment is intended to obtain younger image in person. There are no restrictions.

We can start treatment at any age when the appearance of wrinkles starts to bother us.

Also other applications, like the adding volume to the lips are made at a very young age that we are interested in a more sensual mouth.


-There are qualitative differences in the materials used in the application of hyaluronic acid;

Of course. Not all hyaluronic acid available on the market has the same quality. A top hyaluronic acid is painless to apply, easily integrated on our skin without forming hard-granules. He has the correct duration of effect (to 12 months).

It is important to you ask to be informed about the hyaluronic acid to be used in your application and to know the company, the certifications it has as well as if it is specialised for the specific application (eg lips).

With the correct choice of material, quantity and point of application, the results last. That is why we should not be tempted by the low prices because there will definitely be no duration in the result, or lower quality materials will be used. Yet, the result will not be the desired if not applied by Aesthetic medicine specialist.


How is hyaluronic acid treatment different from botox?;

The hyaluronic "Fills" the deep lines and wrinkles. The result of the treatment appears immediately and lasts for up to 12 months. It essentially contributes to anti-aging by correcting imperfections created by time and the intense use of facial muscles that create wrinkles. Especially in very expressive people, in smokers and people with very thin-fragile skin.

The ΒΟΤΟΧ works with perfectly different mechanism, calming the muscles of the face that "write" the wrinkles. The result of treatment occurs after 7-10 days and lasts approximately 6 months. Except immediate anti-aging (with the disappearance of wrinkles) BOTOX treatment offers essentially in prevention of anti-aging (particularly, when we start treatment early. At the age of around 30). That's because, relaxing at a young age the muscles that "write" wrinkles and as the skin still has good elasticity so the wrinkles are not permanently installed, protect the face from the appearance of wrinkles before they are installed! Finally the treatment with BOTOX is preferred to the senior person (forehead, around the goose-foot eyes), while the hyaluronic is a treatment of choice to the lower face (wrinkles between the nose and mouth, cheekbones-apples, mouth, wrinkles on the mustache, chin etc.).

Finally to add that for an ideal result the treatments with BOTOX and hyaluronic acid can be combined in the same person!


-I can make a small correction with hyaluronic acid and enhance the result in a second session;

Of course. The result of hyaluronic acid treatment is cumulative. There are people who have great needs for hyaluronic acid correction, but they do not want to suddenly see a big change in their face. In this case we can do correction using a hyaluronic acid syringe only and a second time (eg after 1-2 months) to complete to complete the treatment.


-Instructions BEFORE treatment with hyaluronic acid

Avoid taking aspirin and other anticoagulants (Plavix, Sintrom) for a few days before application, as it increases the risk of swelling and bruising in the application area.

Avoid drinking alcohol on the day of application


-Instructions AFTER treatment with hyaluronic acid

Avoid massaging the application area for the next few 4 hours.

Avoid taking aspirin for 4 days after application (increases the risk of swelling and bruising in the application area)

Avoid excessive exposure to high temperatures (hot bath, hamam, sauna, sunbathing) for the next 4 days.

Avoid additional treatments in the area of ​​facial application for the next 7 days (eg avoiding skin abrasion, Peeling chemicals, IPL, LASER )

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