The wart or wart is a harmless lump on the skin. It usually occurs on the hands and feet, but it may to develop in other parts of the body. Ordinary ants look a bit like cauliflower. However, are highly contagious and in order to prevent their spread, You should treat them immediately and avoid direct skin contact with other ants.. Often, warts reappear and this usually happens when you do not take these precautions.

This virus causes the rapid proliferation of skin cells, resulting in the development of benign bumps that are more annoying than dangerous, but which are highly contagious. There are over 70 different subtypes of the HPV virus that cause warts. Different types of virus usually cause warts on different parts of the body. The virus is transmitted by direct skin contact or by touching wet surfaces, such as floors in swimming pools and locker rooms, which have been infected by people who have ants..

Children and adolescents are more likely to be infected, as they have not developed (yet) antibodies to the virus and are most commonly found in people with warts.

Warts usually occur when there is a large crack in the skin at the time the person becomes infected with the HPV virus or in areas where the skin is exposed to excessive moisture., like sweaty feet. A crack in the skin can be caused by cuts or abrasions from shaving, onychophagia and cuticles, chapped skin and eczema.

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