The PRP is a creature containing above 300-350,000 platelets / uL. It is isolated by the process of centrifugation, after taking a small amount of blood from the patient (20 to 40 ml).

PRP treatment (Platelet Rich Plasma) is based on utilization of platelet-releasing growth factors contained in our blood (induce the release of growth factors from platelets using a special activator solution). These growth factors, are natural components of our body. It's about proteins which are contained in the platelets with capacity to enhance regenerative and regenerative tissues that are malfunctioning or damaged. Growth factors reactivate adult dormant stem cells of the area (with the ultimate goal of creating new hair follicles), activate the proliferation of cells in the area resulting in better perspiration of the scalp area.

The first results that are immediately noticeable are the improvement of the hair quality.

Observed empowerment, larger diameter (thickening) and length of hair that we already have on our scalp. In this way, our head looks "fuller" as each hair has a larger volume and has shine and health!

PRP hair loss treatment can be applied to both men and women with androgenetic alopecia (tendency to regress and hair loss due to heredity). The Results of the method is absolutely natural, while there are no side effects since the blood of the organism itself is used (autologous process).

In addition the treatment can be applied precautionary, as prevents the further hair loss, while strengthens the existing ones.

Combines perfectly with existing ones acclaimed and effective treatments we have for androgenetic alopecia such as the use of topical solution or minoxidil foam or the oral use of finasteride.

THE application of the method it is good to repeated each 4-6 weeks during the first year and thereafter once a year for maintenance of the result.

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