The fractional CO2 LASER in use of resurfacing makes a selective scan of the entire surface of the skin which we want to improve by creating "microthermal treatment zones". Stimulates collagen production and at the same time is a very powerful stimulus for skin renewal. New skin is achieved, of better quality, with fewer imperfections and signs of aging.

In addition, it is advantageous as a treatment over medium and deep chemical peels because it has a much shorter recovery time. On the contrary, deep chemical peels have a much longer recovery time, greater inconvenience to the patient while the result immediately after application is often frightening.

This treatment improves dull skin, the stretched pores and the roughness of the skin in general, as well as fine wrinkles, contributing significantly to facial rejuvenation and anti-aging. But where it has to offer the most important help is in the significant improvement or even elimination of scars from acne or chickenpox.
After the laser treatment there is redness which lasts for about three days while the complete recovery of the face is achieved in 7-10 days. During this time the person does not need to be cut off from his activities, can move comfortably if covered with make up.

The session with the fractional laser is preceded by the application of a xylocaine cream (EMLA) which makes the application painless for the patient. After application, instructions and treatment with anti-inflammatory and regenerative cream are given.

The results of the treatments appear gradually. The maximum improvement is usually observed after 2 months. Then we can repeat a treatment session for even better results.
The best time for treatments is when the sunshine is low. (ideally in the winter months).

The fractional laser is easily combined with many other cosmetic dermatological treatments: botox, injectable hyaluronic acid, mesotherapy, laser hair removal, laser for varicose veins etc..

"The dioxide laser is a surgical laser. It offers us the ability to scan (the fractional that is) to treat acne scars or chickenpox scars that have always been difficult for a dermatologist or dermatologist to deal with. Basically the laser makes a scan all over the area of ​​the face which has a problem, so as to get under the acne scar and pierce it, so as to allow the skin to then lift. The treatment lasts about half an hour. We do local anesthesia before with a xylocaine cream so that the application is easy and painless for the patient. We prefer to do the treatment during the winter months, because in the period that follows , in the recovery period when the face is regenerated, we want no sunshine. In cases that are not particularly difficult 1 session is enough, but even in difficult cases with 2 the 3 sessions the results are impressive. "

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