The semiPermanent lip makeup,as it is otherwise called lip tattoos, is not yet a fad,as many want to believe. In recent years more and more people prefer permanent makeup on their lips compared to plastic, which achieves a natural toned shape for women who want to be permanently groomed in their daily lives.

Our lips especially that “pull” attention especially when we talk, should be properly highlighted and beautiful.With lip tattoo we can highlight the natural characteristics us or to correct some any imperfections. With permanent makeup-contour, in one natural shade, will look more large and fleshy. So, simply putting lip gloss, you will have well-formed and "full» lips.

The semi-permanent lip makeup addressed to those who do not have a good shape on the lips or to those who simply they want to emphasize them. It is the most effective and permanent solution to give shape and volume on your lips as it combines the application hyaluronic acid, so that they always maintain their shape and color. also, is the only way to increase thin or non-existent lips and for coating of wrinkles around them. The semi-permanent lip makeup corrects defective, crooked or blurred lines and gives youth in person,as the so-called “bow of love”.

What is Micropigmentation or semi-permanent makeup (permanent makeup) lips;

Semi-permanent makeup or micro-coloring is a professional technique recommended for the mechanical micro-implantation of hypoallergenic and sterile pigments on the skin in a safe and painless way. During the application some special machines are used which through a very thin needle insert the pigment under’ the skin, to you- epidermal level. After the first fixation period, which usually lasts around eight days, has passed, the pigments stay permanently under the skin. However, must pass 40 days to complete the process. Σ’ during this period the color can have significant variations. A series of instructions must be followed carefully in order for the pigment to be permanently implanted and to remain for approximately 2 years. We can guarantee that our result will be excellent for at least a year. After a year and before it disappears completely, retouches can be done to keep it in the same condition for much longer.

But what should we pay attention to before doing semi-permanent lip makeup;

  • You need to find a specialized and of course experienced professional
  • To have found the exact shape of the lips that matches your own face
  • The shades that will be used to match the color of your skin
  • Local anesthesia must be performed before the whole procedure begins
  • The machines that will be used must be naturally sterile and of the latest technology
  • The needles must be the right size, depending on the thickness of the line you want
  • Use the appropriate products immediately after the end of permanent makeup
  • Make proper treatment at home to avoid any infections
  • Visit your specialist again after approx 40 days, to follow the evolution.

Semi-permanent lip makeup is painful;

No, because it takes place under the influence of anesthetic creams, γι’ this and the recovery time is very short.

How long does the result last?;

Semi-permanent makeup lasts approximately 2 years. This depends on many factors such as skin type , at what age is the customer (the younger the shorter the semi-permanent makeup due to the frequent renewal of skin cells) and how well he will take care of it next. The worst enemy for permanent makeup is the sun as it discolors (fades) the color. For this reason, sun protection should be used,as in all semi-permanent makeup.

Semi-permanent lip makeup is harmful to health;

No, because the dyes used are sterile and harmless to the skin. In addition, The dyes used are approved by international and Greek organizations.

There is swelling after semi-permanent lip makeup; When should I renew it again;

After the lip tattoo the lips will be swollen for about two days but not too much. They will be slightly swollen and then come back. Regarding refreshment, , you do the touch up after two months and every year.