The advantage of the treatment is that it is done without chemicals.

Dermabrasion also known as microcrystalline peeling or mechanical peeling or ecopeel.

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It is a treatment that offers youthful skin, ideal skin cleansing, deep rejuvenation and radiance of the skin.

It achieves these by the mechanical detachment of dead cells (peeling) which offers softness to the skin, Deep Cleaning , skin hyperemia (improving blood circulation) and in the long run after repeated sessions the skin fibroblasts are activated to produce collagen-elastin
This is how the skin acquires: Softness and brightness, improved elasticity, a general rejuvenation that offers velvety, bright and pleasant appearance
The advantage of the treatment is that it is done without chemicals (so there is no possibility of an allergic skin reaction), is relatively painless, done without injury, does not require recovery time (stay at home), while it is done without restrictions due to the season (can be done even in summer).

For the best possible result they are required 4-5 sessions which are good to do every 20-30 days ,depending on the case.
The duration of each treatment is 15-20 minutes

"Peeling has a goal and that is to superficially renew the skin and eliminate additional problems such as blemishes, discolorations, small acne scars and fine wrinkles. also, offers deep cleansing so on a skin where there is overproduction of sebum it gets rid of it significantly. We have different types of peeling. I suggest a combination treatment that has mechanical peeling, that is, microcrystals, which make a superficial removal of keratin and are crystals that fall on the skin and do this to us. Chemical peels which are fruit acids that make a removal of dead skin cells. And we combine this treatment with a moisturizing mask that soothes the irritation from previous treatments and also as the skin is cleansed and ready to receive hydration, offers hydration. "

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