By autologous we mean material from the organism itself.

In practice, with a simple blood draw (like the one we do for a blood test), we take a small amount of blood. This blood is centrifuged and separated into red blood cells, creature, platelets and white blood cells.

We utilize the part of the plasma which is rich in platelets (PRP is a plasma that contains above 300-350,000 platelets / uL).

These platelets are activated with a special activator solution and release the growth factors they contain.. The final product of PRP is the patient's own plasma enriched with their own growth factors which we use as a mesotherapy material.

The reconstruction of the skin:

The injection of PRP growth factors into the facial skin stimulates skin fibroblasts to create new collagen and elastin. This has the effect of improving the texture of the skin, tightening as well as improving the appearance of fine wrinkles. It also improves skin nutrition and oxygenation as PRP treatment improves perspiration on the skin by creating new blood vessels (angiogenesis).

Moisturizing the skin:

The PRP method stimulates fibroblasts to produce hyaluronic acid, causing an increase in moisture and deep hydration of the skin. It gives radiance to the skin.

Improving acne scars:

The regenerative properties of growth factors help heal acne scars, making the skin smoother and softening the appearance of impressions and "dents" left by deep cystic acne. The results are even better in combination with autologous mesotherapy with fractional CO2 LASER or fractional RF (RadioFrequency). See the corresponding section on the site.

Improving skin discolorations:

PRP infusion stimulates melanocytes to produce melanin uniformly (the pigment due to which the skin color is due).

The improvement of "stretch marks":

The regenerative properties of PRP therapy are also useful in the treatment of "stretch marks" in the body. The results are even better in combination with fractional CO2 LASER or fractional RF (RadioFrequency). See the corresponding section on the site.

Improving androgenetic alopecia- hair loss:

Growth factors of PRP treatment achieve significant qualitative and quantitative improvement of hair on the scalp. See the corresponding section on the site.

In which areas is the treatment performed;

In person (forehead, goose foot, cheeks, chin) on the neck, at the neckline, belly, inside and outside of the thigh, knee, buttocks, dorsal surface of the hands as well as the scalp. It is done practically everywhere where we want to achieve quality improvement of the skin or its accessories (hair).

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