The natural lifting cream: 100% physics, continue PRP treatment now at home.

Autologous PRP mesotherapy (Platelet Rich Plasma) means plasma rich in platelets. Growth factors contained within platelets play a central role in treatment. With a special protocol we force the platelets to offer us these growth factors which we can use either as a mesotherapy material or to incorporate them in a special cream base that can keep them alive and use this cream for its daily care. our skin.

By autologous we mean material from our own organism, because these growth factors are absolutely ours . The PRP product is used as an anti-aging agent on the face, on the neck, in the eye area and on the hands reducing wrinkles, maintaining the fine lines of the face, offering youthful skin. Prp growth factors increase the production of collagen and elastin in the skin (from our fibroblasts) resulting in an increase in the elasticity and firmness of the skin but also cause an increase in the endogenous hyaluronic acid of the cells resulting in deep hydration of the skin , as hyaluronic acid molecules adsorb water molecules.

The process of prp and then the preparation of the autologous cream is relatively simple. It consists of taking a small amount of blood (30ml as well as for a general blood test). This blood is then centrifuged and separated from the part of the plasma which is rich in platelets., according to the protocol of our clinic. Finally, the activation takes place during which the platelets release the growth factors they contain and then we are ready for the preparation of the autologous cream.

The innovation of autologous cream is the integration of growth factors in liposomes. The cream also contains hyaluronic acid, vitamins and antioxidants

In our clinic we can create your own autologous cream in a safe and effective way. This cream, It adapts to the type and age of your skin and contains a high concentration of your own (autologists) growth factors .

The cream is applied twice a day , small amount and good massage to make good absorption

Autologous cream does not replace injectable autologous PRP treatment but complements and enhances it as the use of growth factors continues with the application of the cream in your daily care at home.

The amount of cream is 50ml

The cream is kept in the refrigerator for 30 days after the date of manufacture


The process:

  1. Blood samples are taken and the special vials are filled with blood
  2. Place the blood in the centrifuge for about 5᾽
  3. Separation of blood, with plasma and platelets occupying the top of the vial, while red blood cells and leukocytes at the base
  4. Platelet-poor plasma is discarded, while the platelet-rich plasma (concentrated platelets) are collected in a sterile syringe
  5. Platelets are activated to deliver the growth factors they contain
  6. The rich plasma growth factors are introduced through a special technique in the cream that has been created only for your skin type.


  • Fagron Sodium Hyaluronate 1%
  • Fagron Fitality
  • Vitamin E 0,1% – 10%
  • Vitamin A 0,1%
  • Vitamin C 0,1 -0,5%

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