It is a mesotherapeutic hyaluronic acid (high and low molecular weight) which is enriched with

Acetyl hexapeptide which is chemically composed of six amino acids (acetylglutamate – glutamate – methionine – glutamine arginine – arginine), which works as a muscle relaxant offering one “botox-like” effect

Glycine , Proline and Arginine which are the main amino acids found in collagen . We provide building materials and improve the synthesis of collagen qualitatively and quantitatively.

N-acetylcysteine cysteine ​​amino acid derivative with high antioxidant properties

In addition to the above amino acids and peptides it also contains:

Vitamins such as B3 Niacinamide (with antioxidant properties but also beneficial effect on hyperpigmentation, in spots and melasma but also in erythema- redness on the face),

Resveratrol which stimulates collagen production and enhances skin tone,

-Acetylhexapeptide (relaxes muscle contraction for fine wrinkles),

DMAE (relaxes vascular tone and gives better vascularity to the skin) and

EDTA (binds iron).

Painless treatment is done with a very fine 31G and 33G needle after application of local anesthesia. The treatment is suitable for all ages. The younger the age, the stronger the prevention part.


1) Face, 2) Neck – Neckline, 3) Hands

Each area requires a separate treatment protocol.

The treatment of both can be done at the same time 2 the 3 different localizations


STARTING TREATMENT: 1 session each 10 days, that is 3 sessions within the first month

MAINTENANCE: 1 session per month for the next ones 5 months The protocol is completed in six months and is usually repeated after 6-12 months