DNA Tests

DNA Tests

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DNA Tests


What does our DNA show about us?


With the rapid technological and scientific development in the field of molecular biology-genetics and medicine, we can fully apply the saying of Hippocrates: "Prevention is better than cure". In this way, through targeted testing with DNA tests, we can predict the hereditary predisposition we have in our genetic material and with simple corrective actions in the way of our daily habits of life or diet, we can prevent and avoid the manifestation of some diseases!

But apart from health issues, we can get valuable answers about how our metabolism works and find the ideal diet for us, choose sports in which we will have the best performance as well as get the right information to maintain physical well-being us and how to achieve the best antiaging ability.

The process of DNA tests is very simple as the taking is very simple and easy with a swab from inside the mouth.


DNA Check & Health – Heredity and disease predisposition
By testing DNA for hereditary disease predisposing factors, we can identify whether we belong to a risk group for vascular diseases (venous thrombosis, hypertension), endocrine diseases (type II diabetes), neurological diseases (Alzheimer's disease), orthopedic-rheumatic diseases (osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis), allergic-pulmonological (asthma). Metabolic factors (lipids, homocysteine) are also examined.

Subsequently, through nutritional interventions (diet, supplements) that are proposed and the indication of the appropriate way of exercise, we can minimize the possibility of future occurrence of these diseases.



Sports DNA test. What it shows and how it can be useful to us


The sports test examines the type of muscle fibers we have. This determines our ability to perform better in an endurance sport or in a sport of strength and explosiveness. It examines the predisposition we have for injuries to muscles, tendons and bones. It also gives us useful information about the functioning of our metabolism, lipolysis and the effect this has on the Body Mass Index, as well as indicating interventions in our diet before exercise (eg taking carbohydrates 30 minutes before exercise) or nutritional supplements (amino acids, trace elements and minerals) that will help us to have a better performance during sports and a faster recovery. It also gives us information about how the motivation to exercise works for us on a psychological level (this explains why some athletes give up at the first failure, while others try harder). All this is useful to detect in time (eg in a 7-year-old child who starts a sport) in order to choose the most correct and efficient sports activity for him. The tests are also useful for an experienced athlete as we can increase his performance with our appropriate suggestions.


Nutritional DNA test. What it shows and how it can be useful to us


By analyzing how our metabolism works we can have information about our lipid metabolism and the effect on Body Mass Index, lactose intolerance, predisposition to obesity or type II diabetes or even hypertension. The test also suggests specialized and personalized nutritional guidance to avoid these risks of diseases, while at the same time having the best functioning of the metabolism and antioxidant activity, e.g. in people with a predisposition to hypertension we restrict dietary salt, in people with lactose intolerance we recommend a dairy-free diet , in people with a predisposition to poor removal of homocysteine we recommend iron and vitamin B supplements to protect the cardiovascular system. Also, this test provides us with information about the way the reward center of our brain works, which is related to susceptibility to bad habits such as overeating, excessive alcohol consumption and other addictions. This test is a useful aid for those who want to have a proper diet for reasons of maintaining health, but also help in trying to lose weight.


How can eating habits change the expression of our genes?


See corresponding article that we have translated


DNA Check & Youthfulness – Antiaging – Wellness


Every person ages at different rates. This course is also due to external factors of our behavior (such as excessive exposure to the sun), our right or wrong diet, but to a large extent the final result also depends on our hereditary predisposition.

So there are differences in how each body manages free radicals (antioxidant activity), collagen synthesis (skin cell renewal) and the predisposition to develop androgenetic alopecia (baldness). Also, the way our body reacts and metabolizes alcohol and caffeine is determined by heredity, as well as the way it metabolizes lipids (cholesterol, triglycerides). On a medical level, we see a predisposition to type II diabetes, inflammatory skin diseases as well as cancer of the skin.
With the specific anti-aging DNA test the doctor who practices preventive medicine can give the appropriate directions aimed at the well-being and youth of the person

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