The dark circles around the eyes are a common problem for many people and treated with procedures done in the dermatological clinic. Learn what options there are for them to soften. Your new concealer may eliminates the area of the tired face that create dark circles around your eyes, but you wonder if there is something that can have a permanent effect?

The problem is mainly due to hereditary factors and is more common in people with very thin skin of the lower eyelids, without enough fat. The result is to distinguish vessels, giving a dark hue to the skin. What can we do;


Sleep More: When a person does not sleep enough, the problem is compounded because there is good blood flow to the area. The same applies to the days of the period.

Ice application: (wrap a small ice cube in gauze) for 1 ‘three times a day helps in vasoconstriction, improving skin tone temporarily.


Mesotherapy is the most effective way to remove dark circles from eyes. We use substances like caffeine and ginko biloba, which offer moisturizing and soothe the dark tone. The integrated treatment protocol includes three sessions at a distance of 20 days and after one repeated in six months. The cost of this process is a total of 100 euros.

Hyaluronic acid:

A very effective treatment is to use an injectable hyaluronic in area located under the lower eyelids. This increases the distance of the epidermis of the vessels in the area and change the shading of the lower eyelid. The result is usually impressive. The cost of this process dpends on the amount of Hyaluronic needed in each case separately.