What is Baby Botox? ?

The “baby botox” is the new trend in the field of aesthetic dermatology. Botox can be used prophylactically even in younger people in whom wrinkles due to their increased expressiveness have begun to form even when the face is expressionless at rest. ,but have not yet deepened and become permanent.. This term of course does not describe the application of Botox to infants but refers to the application in which lower doses are used (units) of the drug that acts as an inhibitor in the permanence of wrinkles.

Baby Botox is “invention” of dermatologists for Hollywood actors and immediately became famous in England and the rest of Europe.
It was created for anyone who wanted to reduce wrinkles and not allow them to deepen, but not to have an icy expression and to maintain the expressiveness in the face.


How is it done baby botox?

In micro Botox as it is otherwise called, we use a lot lower doses of the drug, in exactly the same places as with regular full face Botox.

Baby Botox

The result is that fine wrinkles disappear, while the larger and deeper wrinkles are reduced and sweetened and the face acquires a fresh and relaxed look.


Its Positives baby botox

Baby botox does not freeze the face, maintains enough and completely natural expressiveness and the result is very natural to the extent that one can not understand that the botox application was made! This fact is very important for many people (eg those involved in theater, TV etc).

The movement of the muscles of the expression continues but with less intensity when the wrinkles appear less intense achieving a very "natural" aesthetic result, as the face appears to be fresh and "relaxed".

Also in young people who have a problem with wrinkles only in one area of ​​the face, for example in the middle eyebrow due to intense frowning, we apply only in this area using very few units of the drug.. So we solve this problem before letting it create intense deep wrinkles in the middle eyebrow. The ages that come to us to solve this local frowning problem are very young ,below 30 years. In these people we can also make a preventive application of a few units of the drug on the forehead so as not to let the frontal muscles create horizontal wrinkles “denial” and in this way we prevent and prevent the appearance of wrinkles!

We also recommend baby botox to people who have no previous experience with botox application (first timers) and have various phobias and questions about treatment in order to become more familiar with the treatment. Then they may want to try a full face application.


At what ages is it done;

We mentioned that we recommend the application to older people who want to maintain expressiveness in the face ,but also in young people with minor problems in whom a smaller dose of the drug exceeds them for a perfect result. Therefore the baby botox is made at any age but has greater indication and success at young ages as in established deep permanent wrinkles we recommend the full dose of the drug.



Baby botox - cost

Each baby botox treatment is individualized, as each person has different needs. The price of baby botox is much lower than a good face cream and its results last many times over.


It hurts to be treated with to baby botox; Local anesthesia is needed?

No. Most patients do not feel the microencapsulation at all. No anesthesia is required. Actually, we do not want any anesthesia for the patient to maintain full mobility in the facial muscles during the application and to be able to execute the orders we give him to make certain expressions. In this way we make the best possible application fully personalized for each person.


How much lasts the baby botox?

There is no rule in this. There are patients who, upon seeing some mobility, reappear on their face (eg after 4 months) and before the effect of the treatment is completely exhausted they wish to repeat the application. However, the duration is shorter than the classic botox .

His supporters baby botox Of course, they believe that with a smaller dose and more frequent application, you finally achieve an even better and more natural result.
It remains to be seen whether Greece will follow the new trend, or whether Greek women will prefer the known and certain results of the complete treatment.

When does the result start to show baby botox? How long does it take?

The effect of botox starts after 4-5 days. The maximum complete result is shown after 15 days. The anatomy of the face plays a primary role with men but also some women who have a stronger muscle system in the face, have a shorter duration of effect. The daily life of the individual also plays a role. We notice that people are very tired, live a lot of intensity in their work and do not get enough sleep to have a shorter duration in the result of the application. And daily intense physical activity or exposure to heat (eg the daily life of a gymnast) adversely affected. Finally, even the time of year when the implementation takes place, with the summer months lagging behind in the botox effect.

Also the duration depends on the amount of toxin we used. So for example a proportionally larger amount can last up to 5-6 months but will usually have caused severe immobilization that gives a ΄frozen΄ expression and may not be desirable. On the other hand a smaller amount of medicine (baby botox) gives a more natural result but lasts until 3-4 months, so more frequent repetition is needed.


Baby botox - where it is applied

Baby botox is basically applied to

  • Forehead and middle eyebrow, where the first fine lines that may appear on a young person make their appearance. Wrinkles of anger (frowning) are the ones that usually appear first.
  • Wrinkles on the sides of the eyes (goose foot).
  • In the wrinkles of the neck and especially in the intense bands created by the muscular plate.
  • In smoky wrinkles on the upper lip


I can do the application in only one area, for example the middle eyebrow?

Of course. Especially in young people it is common to need botox application only in one area such as the middle eyebrow (eg in people who frown too much because they do not see well far away or due to tics) or on the goose foot in people who laugh too much! In these cases we can apply only in the position that needs correction or precaution to achieve a more uniform result.


Botox (Botox) - Instructions immediately after treatment


-Do not touch-rub the areas of the face where the application was made for the next ones 4 hours
-Do not lie down or crouch for the next 4 hours
-To prefer paracetamol as a painkiller (Panadol, depot) and avoid aspirin in case of headache in the first hours immediately after treatment (to avoid infusions-bruising).
-Avoid strenuous physical exercise (sweating) for the next 4 days
-Avoid the heat for the next ones 4 days (hair dryer, sauna, hot bath, gym, fireplace, ironing etc.)
- Avoid excessive alcohol consumption for the next 4 days


There are alternative treatments for someone who does not want or is afraid to do BOTOX;

Hyaluronic acid is used to fill wrinkles and can be used. Also the latest autologous therapy such as PRP (which can be combined with a fractional technique such as fractional CO2 laser, fractional RF, microneedling) contribute significantly to facial rejuvenation and anti-aging. Nevertheless, the offer of BOTOX treatment to give a younger and more relaxed face, is irreplaceable.




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