Botox (Botox) - What is & Mode of Action

BOTOX is a natural one, processed protein produced by the bacterium
Clostridium Botulinum
Very small doses of the drug are administered with very thin "injections" (insulin syringes) in the muscle, inhibiting the transmission of nerve impulse and thus the muscle relaxes and does not contract. . Most people (and especially those who are more expressive and "use" more the muscles in their face during communication) after their age 30 years begin and "write" fine wrinkles of calm especially near the eye ("Goose foot") and on the forehead and middle eyebrow. Temporary reduction or elimination of intense muscle contraction with the use of Botox results in a significant reduction in the appearance of these wrinkles.


Botox (Botox) - Application on the face (anti-aging)

Botox ThessalonikiBotox treatment has a double benefit because on the one hand it works therapeutically by reducing deep wrinkles and eliminating medium depth wrinkles, but on the other hand it also works preventively when done at younger ages (near 30 years) because it does not allow the face to form rest wrinkles, thus greatly slowing down the aging process.

Botox achieves a very "natural" aesthetic result ,as the face appears to be fresh and "relaxed" (even after a day with a very heavy work schedule) and others perceive it as a younger person.



Botox (Botox) - Application for excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) in armpits, palms, soles


BOTOX can offer great relief to this very important problem. Excessive sweating occurs even at rest, but is significantly enhanced during physical activity and psychological stress. The problem is not only aesthetic, but it also creates psychological problems for the sufferer and social problems (difficulty shaking hands in palmar hyperhidrosis creates occupational problems, difficulty in written exams etc.). In primary hyperhidrosis, its mechanism of action botox is the cessation of the nerve impulse that reaches the sweat glands and commands them to produce sweat. It should be noted that the application botox in such situations it prevents excessive sweating and not the normal production of sweat.

The good results of the application last for 6 months.

Prior to the treatment of hyperhidrosis with botox, the area is mapped with a starch test – iodine. With this test, the sweating area is painted black. Botox is then injected intradermally as painlessly as possible. Botox hyperhidrosis treatment is the treatment of choice for immediate reduction to disappearance of sweating, while the patient returns immediately to his activities.

Of course, before the application, a test must be performed for pathological causes of secondary hyperhidrosis, such as hyperthyroidism and pheochromocytoma. . In these cases the pathological cause should be corrected and then the primary hyperhidrosis should be treated.



Botox (Botox) - Application for persistent recurrent headaches and migraines

An additional benefit of treatment ,which has recently become known, is that headaches are reduced which are mostly "tension headaches" from involuntary muscle contraction of the muscles in the forehead and neck due to stress. Botox was recently approved by the American Drug Administration (FDA) for the treatment of chronic migraine.

When applying botox for the treatment of migraine we make injections in some extra positions (temporal muscle, occipital) which are associated with the occurrence of migraine
His action botox is transient and recedes after 4-6 months.



How long does it take to complete the botox application? I can return directly to my job?


15-20 minutes only! Of course, it is possible to return to work immediately. That is why botox belongs to the "lunch break" treatments, that is, in the treatments that can be done even during the lunch break!


Botox (Botox) - Cost Treatment


The cost depends on the quantity (units) botox to use. If we do the application in only one place (middle eyebrow or forehead or goose-eye leg) we will need it 1/3 of units in relation to a full face application. We may also want to apply in all the provided positions, but with fewer units because we want to maintain mobility in the face, but at the same time to protect from the deepening of wrinkles. In this case we do half the units than in a full face application and this is called baby botox. Finally, a man or a woman with a very strong muscular system requires more botox units and this affects the cost of the application.. With a consulting visit you will find out exactly the price botox for your own face.
The cost botox should not be the main criterion for choosing a doctor, as well as quality, the result and duration of treatment is what counts.


It's the botox an expensive treatment; Why are there such big differences in the prices offered;


It is true that botox is an expensive drug. Therefore the cost of treatment is relatively high. Choosing cheap solutions and "offers" is dangerous, as in these cases the origin and quality of the drug is questionable, the dissolution – its dilution is not correct and the result at best will be poor and of short duration. When choosing a medical treatment the main criterion should be the experience of the doctor and the safety of the treatment. In non-genuine formulation there are serious and incalculable risks to our health.



What is the baby botox?


The botox can be applied prophylactically even to younger people in whom wrinkles due to their increased expressiveness have formed but have not yet settled and become permanent. This technique is known as "babybotox», technique in which smaller doses are used (units) botox which acts as an inhibitor in the permanence of wrinkles.

In older people, baby botox is also indicated if they want to maintain reduced muscle mobility in their face.. The smallest quantity (units) botox used in baby botox allows muscle movement, but to a lesser extent, resulting in wrinkles being less deep and the face looking refreshed.



Botox (Botox) - Unwanted actions



when the botox applied by a specialized Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon, rarely shows side effects. If they occur they are transient and mild, which makes the application extremely secure.

The most common side effect that can occur is an infusion (inks) at the injection site especially in people who have this predisposition (very thin skin with superficial vessels). These bruises usually appear in the area around the eyes where the skin is very thin and has many superficial vessels.. To avoid this it is recommended to avoid taking aspirin anticoagulant treatment or vitamin E 48 hours before and 4 days after treatment. In case it happens, immediately use ice and use a cream containing arnica or arnica pills 1M on the day of application and 3 next days. The bruises subside quickly over a period of about a week, while they are easily covered with make up. Another side effect is the asymmetrical reduction of wrinkles that is corrected during the review that takes place in 15 days. In rare cases there is a feeling of heaviness or headache which may occur in the first days after application botox but recedes quickly.

More serious side effects such as drooping eyelids, are described when the botox applied by non-experts.



Botox (Botox) - Instructions immediately after treatment

-Do not touch-rub the areas of the face where the application was made for the next ones 4 hours
-Do not lie down or crouch for the next 4 hours

-To prefer paracetamol as a painkiller (Panadol, depot) and avoid aspirin in case of headache in the first hours immediately after treatment (to avoid infusions-bruising).
-Avoid strenuous physical exercise (sweating) for the next 4 days
-Avoid the heat for the next ones 4 days (hair dryer, sauna, hot bath, gym, fireplace, ironing etc.)

– Avoid excessive alcohol consumption for the next 4 days

Botox (Botox) - Why should I choose the dermatology clinic of Dr.. Kalokasidi “Donations Science Clinic” for my treatment

In our clinic the application is done by a certified dermatologist, the original formulation is used in the appropriate units and with the appropriate technique, so the results are impressive and completely safe.


Botox application is also done in men?

Of course. But maybe in men who have a stronger muscular system in the face the good result lasts a little less. also, in men we use more (units) botox to be able to neutralize the strongest muscles



It hurts to be treated with botox; Local anesthesia is needed?

No. Most patients do not feel the microencapsulation at all. No anesthesia is required. Actually, we do not want any anesthesia for the patient to maintain full mobility in the facial muscles during the application and to be able to execute the orders we give him to make certain expressions. In this way we make the best possible application fully personalized for each person




How often should I repeat botox?;

There is no rule in this. There are patients who, upon seeing some mobility, reappear on their face (eg after 4 months) and before the effect of the treatment is completely exhausted they wish to repeat the application. We usually wait for the facial mobility to fully return after 5-6 months and then repeat the application. Patients who, in addition to the aesthetic effect of anti-aging, apply the application and for migraine reasons repeat the application a little more often each 4 months because then we see the migraines begin to return. But also if for practical or financial reasons we want to repeat the application after a longer period of time e.g. 1 time again there is no problem.



When is the right age to start? botox;

BOTOX is established in the perception of the world as a treatment that eliminates wrinkles. At the same time, however, it is an excellent treatment for prevention so that wrinkles do not appear and settle down.! As we grow older the skin loses its hydration and elasticity resulting in expression wrinkles becoming permanent even at rest when the mimic muscles that create them do not contract. If BOTOX is used as prevention (eg to prevent excessive frowning) then these wrinkles are not going to form. BOTOX applications as prevention start at younger ages close to 30 years. also, we must take into account that botox is a medical application and the person concerned must decide with the doctor whether it is appropriate to apply. So, a person who due to work or hobby is overexposed to outdoor air and sun (ski or sailing athletes) will have earlier skin aging (photoaging) and will need application earlier than a person whose work and leisure is indoors. Also, people with dry and thin skin show earlier signs of skin aging than an oily-combination skin, so they will need the botox application earlier..

Finally, for people who, for professional or personal reasons, impose the best possible result on the appearance of the face, start baby botox applications before visible wrinkles appear in order to take advantage of the preventive properties of the application..


I can do the application in only one area, for example the middle eyebrow?

Of course. Especially in young people it is common to need botox application only in one area such as the middle eyebrow (eg in people who frown too much because they do not see well away or because of tics) or on the goose foot in people who laugh too much! In these cases we can do the application only in the place that needs correction or precaution. However, even in these cases we can do smaller amounts of botox in the other positions (baby botox) for precautionary reasons ,but also to achieve a more uniform result


When does the result start to show botox? How long does it take?

The effect of botox starts after 4-5 days. The maximum complete result is shown after 15 days. That is when we ask to evaluate the result of the application and to proceed with some reinforcement or correction if necessary (botox retouch). The micro-dose supplement botox should be done in between 10- 16 days, and not after this period, because otherwise the body perceives it as a booster dose, resulting in the rapid development of endurance and its reduced duration botox in the future.


The effect of botox lasts approximately 5-6 months ,while some mobility in the face returns a little earlier eg to 4 months. There are many factors that determine the duration of the application result. The anatomy of the face plays a primary role with men but also some women who have a stronger muscular system in the face, have a shorter duration of effect. The daily life of the individual also plays a role. We notice that people are very tired, live a lot of intensity in their work and do not get enough sleep to have a shorter duration in the result of the application. And daily intense physical activity or exposure to heat (eg the daily life of a gymnast) affects negatively. Finally, even the time of year when the implementation takes place, with the summer months lagging behind in the botox effect.

Also the duration depends on the amount of toxin we used. So for example a proportionally larger amount can last up to 5-6 months but will usually have caused severe immobilization that gives a ΄frozen΄ expression and may not be desirable. On the other hand a smaller amount of medicine (baby botox) gives a more natural result but lasts until 3-4 months, so more frequent repetition is needed.


Myths about Botox

Even today there are many myths about it botox that prevent people who wish to proceed with the application

Myth is that the botox "Freezes" and "savages" the face. When done correctly it highlights the beautiful features of the face which just looks more relaxed

Myth is that if you start early botox, then it will not have the corresponding effect. The botox it is ideal to start as soon as the first calm wrinkles become visible in order to avoid their permanent.

Myth is that the botox is a toxin and therefore harmful to health. Its use botox over 25 years in medicine showed that it never harmed health. Botulinum toxin type A contained in botox in the form of purified toxin is neither harmful nor dangerous to the human body.

Myth is that after many applications the botox lasts less and "does not work". On the contrary when the botox is done regularly, its action increases and the wrinkles remain smooth for a longer time. According to a study in a large number of patients published 2011 in the prestigious scientific journal American Society of Dermatologic Surgery, the timely and consistent repetition of treatment each 4 – 5 months leads to a greater reduction of wrinkles each time, greater satisfaction of the "patients" and longer duration of the result that in some cases can reach them 7 months.



How is hyaluronic acid treatment different from application? botox?

Hyaluronic acid is a completely different application. It does not temporarily relax the facial muscles that "write" wrinkles like botox but gives volume and "fills" deep lines and wrinkles. The effect of hyaluronic acid treatment appears immediately upon application and lasts for 9-12 months. Hyaluronic acid treatment essentially offers anti-aging and especially to the lower face (wrinkles between the nose and mouth, cheekbones-apples, increase in the volume of the lips, correction of wrinkles on the mustache, chin etc.), while BOTOX treatment is preferred in the upper person (forehead, around the goose-foot eyes)

Finally to add that for an ideal result the treatments with BOTOX and hyaluronic acid can be combined in the same person!



There are quality differences in the materials used?

  • In our dermatological clinic we use only BOTOX (Allergan) and DYSPORT (IPSEN). These are the approved substances used in Greece. You should require to see the botox vial that is being applied to you, because anything other than the aforementioned drugs is not marketed legally and may be dangerous.


Maybe when his action is over botox my wrinkles get worse;


It is a myth that if someone decides for some reason to stop treatment with botox, the aging process will be accelerated and the image of their face will deteriorate.. After the action of botox, the person will simply gradually return to the original, before treatment, condition, as the muscles begin to move normally again.

Wrinkles gradually return (into 6 about months) exactly as it was before BOTOX treatment! But because we are used to the latter 6 months to a much younger face now seems worse to us!


There are contraindications to its application botox;

Botulinum toxin should not be used in people with neurological disorders such as multiple sclerosis or severe myasthenia gravis., while it is best avoided during pregnancy and lactation (is considered a class C drug by the FDA, due to lack of security data).

A serious issue is what we do with hypersensitive people, who are intensely concerned with real or imagined imperfections. They often try persistently to present some imperfections that cannot be noticed by the doctor. In these cases it is common for them to be dissatisfied with any cosmetic surgery and in this case with botulinum toxin and most colleagues avoid starting a collaboration or suggest a trial application..

BOTOX can remove all lines and wrinkles on the face;

In older people, deep wrinkles have already formed, botox has less action, as the skin that now has reduced elasticity has already "crumpled" in the wrinkle from the chronic contraction of the mimic muscles. In this case, botox may not work as well as for younger people. The very deep wrinkles that have been installed for many years will improve significantly after the treatment, but it may not be possible for them to disappear completely. If someone has wrinkles for many years, connective tissue has now developed in their structure that does not allow complete flattening after paralysis of the underlying muscle by botox. In these cases it is good after the treatment with BOTOX to do additional treatment of filling the wrinkles with hyaluronic implant. Of course, many patients do not aim for the complete disappearance of wrinkles, but just soften them (to have a more discreet and natural result). In these cases, treatment with BOTOX alone exceeds this need.


There are alternative treatments for someone who does not want or is afraid to do BOTOX;

Hyaluronic acid is used to fill in wrinkles and can be used. Also the latest autologous therapy such as PRP (which can be combined with a fractional technique such as fractional CO2 laser, fractional RF, microneedling) contribute significantly to facial rejuvenation and anti-aging. Nevertheless, the offer of BOTOX treatment to give a younger and more relaxed face, is irreplaceable.