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Traylife is a new Autologous Tissue Refreshing (ATR)

[blockquote] The treatment session lasts about 30-45 minutes [/blockquote]

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Saying  autologous that means material from our own body. In practice, all that is needed is a simple blood sample (as we do in a blood test), offering 20-40ml of blood. The blood is then centrifuged and separated into red cells, plasma, platelets and leucocytes. We use the part of the plasma which is rich in platelets (PRP is The plasma which contains over 300-350.000 platelets /uL). Platelets are finally activated by a specific activator solution which causes the  release of growth factors  which are contained in the platelets.



[blockquote]The PRP treatment is ideal for:  [/blockquote]

[blockquote] Rebuilding and regeneration of the skin: [/blockquote]

The infusion of PRP growth factors in facial skin causes stimulation of fibroblasts of the skin to create new collagen and elastin. This results in improving of the texture of the skin, firming and improvement of the appearance of fine wrinkles. Also improves nutrition and skin oxygenation as treatment with PRP improves blood flow to the skin by angiogenesis.

[blockquote]Skin hydration:[/blockquote]

PRP stimulates fibroblasts to produce hyaluronic acid, causing the increase in humidity and skin hydration. This imparts glow to skin.

[blockquote]The improvement of acne scarring:[/blockquote]

The regenerative properties of growth factors help the healing of acne scars, making the skin smoother and softer. The results are even better in combination with fractional CO2 LASER or fractional RF (RadioFrequency) in the same treatment session. See relevant section in the site.

[blockquote] The improvement of pigmentation abnormalities:[/blockquote]

the infusion of PRP induces melanocytes to uniformly produce melanin (responsible for skin pigmentation)

[blockquote] Improving the ‘Striae’:[/blockquote]

The regenerative properties of PRP therapy is useful in the treatment of “stretch marks” of  the body known as striae. The results are even better in combination with fractional CO2 LASER or fractional RF (RadioFrequency) in the same treatment session.  See relevant section in the site.

[blockquote]Improvement of androgenic alopecia- hereditary men and women hair loss:[/blockquote]

Growth factors contained in the PRP therapy achieve significant qualitative and quantitative improvement of remaining hair on the scalp. See relevant section in the site


[blockquote] In what areas does the treatment work?[/blockquote]

In the face (forehead, crow’s feet, cheeks, chin) neck, décolleté, abdomen, inner and outer thigh, knee, buttocks, dorsal surface of the hands and the scalp. Practically everywhere where we want to achieve qualitative improvement of skin or adnexa (hair).



Beyond the unique characteristics of Traylife in skin rejuvenation, its safety is well-established and the autologous elements that uses practically nullify the likelihood of side effects such as allergy or autoimmune reactions.

Our protocol includes three sessions. The second is done after a month of the initial session, and the third one after 6 months.

The treatment session lasts about 30-45 minutes and the application is comfortable and painless for the patient.

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[blockquote] What is Mesotherapy injection? [/blockquote]

It is a method of aesthetic Dermatology for the prevention and treatment of skin aging, skin sagging and wrinkles of the face.
[blockquote] What is the difference between Allogenic and autologous Mesotherapy? [/blockquote]
The traditional Mesotherapy is the Allogenic. This uses a cocktail of substances such as amino acids, minerals, enzymes, vitamins, hyaluronic acid which are injected intradermally with painless micro-injections into the skin and aim to offer shine and elasticity to the skin.
Saying autologous refers to material from the body itself. In practice, with one simple venepuncture (as we do a blood test), we get a small amount of blood. The blood is centrifuged and separated into red blood cells, plasma, platelets and white blood cells. A part from this material is enriched with activators of platelets and is used as the material of Mesotherapy. Similarly, we utilize the same plasma and growth factors of platelets from the patient’s blood. Due to the nature of autologous method, the possibility of allergic reactions, Autoimmunity etc is practically zero percent.
[blockquote] What is the basis of the tissue regeneration autologous Mesotherapy (aiming to combat signs of aging)?[/blockquote]
The growth factors of platelets (primarily) and secondarily in the components of plasma and white blood cells derived from the patient’s blood. The action above is triggered and amplified with a special DNA activator solution.
[blockquote] Why is the Activator (i.e. DNA activator) necessary?[/blockquote]
This solution contains calcium chloride.
Calcium chloride activates platelets, so they secrete growth factors that have been stored in granules (degranulation). The calcium ions that are provided in the form of calcium chloride, except the activation and degranulation of platelets, operate as a growth factor for the keratinocytes.
The nucleotides of DNA, increase the shelf life of platelets and white blood cells, while stimulating the proliferation of skin cells. This enhances the action of platelets, because these “live” longer and so excrete more growth factors and for longer, while the skin cells multiply and refreshed.
[blockquote]Why is the treatment called PRP?[/blockquote]
PRP means platelet rich plasma. The growth factors of platelet and blood components enabled the patient based treatment. It is therefore a strictly biological therapy.
The growth factors of platelets (main the EGF, EGF, FGF-V, PDGF, TGF-α, TGF-β, etc.) act synergistically to regenerate skin and specifically inducing:
Angiogenesis (hence we achieve better nutrition and oxygenation of the skin), the multiplication of epithelial skin cells and modulation (attracting and creating new producing fibroblast extracellular substance)
White blood cells encounter infections and excrete them their own growth factors that complement and enhance the action of growth factors of platelets. Plasma nutrients (carbohydrates, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, etc) contribute to nourishing, moisturizing and skin firmness and protect cells from harmful factors (e.g. proteases inhibitors, antioxidants etc).
[blockquote] To which areas may the treatment be applied?[/blockquote]
On the face (forehead, goose leg, cheeks, Chin) in the neck, décolletage, belly, inner and outer thigh, knee, buttocks, dorsal surface of hands.
[blockquote] Can autologous Mesotherapy be combined with other anti-aging treatments?[/blockquote]
Ideally combined with Botox and fillers and hyaluronic implants (for filling wrinkles).
[blockquote] How many sessions are necessary?[/blockquote]
The Protocol includes three sessions (the second made in the month and the third in six months). Then we can churn out every 6 months, or even less often.
[blockquote]It seems expensive and “bother” throughout the process? Worth a try?[/blockquote]
The cost is not high, but the method helps you save money and time, because it greatly accelerates the regeneration compared to conventional methods. The results are more long term, after the method activates the natural regeneration of the skin. Especially the next sessions (every 4-6 months) will become less and less often, as results will be aggregated. For the same reason the skin appearance, from an aesthetic point of view, is far superior compared with other methods, as the rejuvenation of the skin is natural and not artificial.

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