Juvederm ULTRA SMILE is hyaluronic for the 4th generation lips with a special composition to give the volume that every woman desires on her lips. It is therefore the best tool in the hands of the plastic surgeon or dermatologist to give a feminine shape to the lips of every woman. also, by adding lidocaine to a very small percentage in the composition of the product, η Allergan Inc. managed to make the treatment practically painless, something extremely important for the sensitive area of ​​the lips.


"Now we have the possibility with specialized hyaluronic acid, like the amazing Juvederm ultra smile to give the lips what they lack. Give them, that is, volume, to emphasize their outline, to give the mouth a more striking image, more attractive without exaggeration,, without showing anything foreign to the rest of the person. The treatment is done with a local anesthesia that we do with a xylocaine cream. Lasts 20 minutes, she is completely painless and the girl immediately returns to her activities with a new person who boosts her self-confidence. "

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