The mouth and eye area are the first areas we notice when we see a person for the first time. In seconds the first impression is formed on whether we find this person beautiful and attractive. Lips are therefore the first element that radiates sexuality and femininity. With a combination of non-invasive techniques we can make the lips more intense and give them the characteristics we want.

INJECTIVE HYALURONIC for more intense lips.

Now we have the possibility with specialized hyaluronic acid, to give to the lips they lack. Give them, that is, volume, to emphasize their outline, to give the mouth a more striking image, more attractive without exaggeration,, without showing anything foreign to the rest of the person. The treatment is done with a local anesthesia that we do with a xylocaine cream. Lasts 20 minutes, is painless and the girl immediately returns to her activities with a new person that boosts her self-confidence.

To emphasize that the treatment on the lips requires specialized materials which will give a soft and uniform result, without creating hardness and also materials that will have minimal and predictable water retention , so that we can predict the final result. The hyaluronic acid with which we would restore the nasopharynx should not be placed , area that due to the strong forces exerted by the expressiveness requires a stronger and harder hyaluronic for filling.

It is best to precede a pre-application visit to judge if the lips are suitable for the application and to determine the desired result. There are lips that due to small area (length) and narrow anatomical structure are not suitable for overcorrection which will give an aesthetically unsuitable image

INJECTIVE HYALURONIC for correction of smoky wrinkles

An ideal application of hyaluronic acid is the correction of "smoky wrinkles". In this area a thin hyaluronic acid is required which is placed with the bollus technique ,to correct wrinkles evenly without visible or palpable unevenness ("Balls"). Also, the doctor who does the application should not overdo the placement of hyaluronic acid because it is an area in which we do not want an unwanted tumor that will give the image of "beak"

BOTOX for the correction of smoky wrinkles

If the smoky wrinkles are very intense and because we can not exaggerate and make hyaluronic overcorrection for the reasons mentioned, complete the application by placing small quantities (units) botox. This slightly relaxes the sphincter of the mouth offers a significant improvement in the upper lip area ("moustache"). And for this application you need a very experienced doctor because the excess leads to drooping of the upper lip and inability to pout the lips.

LIFTING WITH YARNS PDO for contour and mustache

Fully absorbable PDO yarns can offer a lot to correct and enhance the contour of the lips while offering a gentle straightening. Mild injury when placed along the contour of the lips activates the natural mechanisms of regeneration by creating collagen. So this is an autologous process that leads to the production of our own collagen. Also, by placing threads in the contour of the lips, the end of the "smoky wrinkles" which end from the skin of the upper lip is corrected. (the mustache") in the contour of the lips. The same threads can be placed on the "mustache" to strengthen the skeleton in the area and soften the appearance of smoky wrinkles

In our clinic we place the prp and in parallel with the application of PDO threads to offer faster and higher quality collagen production around the threads we place


Autologous mesotherapy with the growth factors of the patient himself, offers significant rejuvenation and anti-aging of the peritoneal area. Growth factors stimulate the production of collagen and elastin by skin fibroblasts offering firming. They also stimulate skin cells to produce their own endogenous hyaluronic acid which retains water providing hydration. In our clinic we place the prp and in parallel with the application of PDO threads to offer faster and better production of collagen around the threads that we place


This is the name given to the wrinkles that form below the corner of the mouth towards the lower jaw.. They are known as "marionette lines" or wrinkles of bitterness because they give one (wrong) sad face. They are easy to correct with a hyaluronic acid of increased power to withstand the forces exerted in the area. By correcting the wrinkles of bitterness, the gaze of the one who meets us is fixed in the beautiful mouth that we have created


Restoration of dentures significantly contributes to a beautiful smile. The relationship between the teeth , of the lips and gums is determined by the anatomy of the area. With the appropriate interventions, the smile is really transformed because the projection of the teeth is corrected, their gaps and structurally changes the shape of the mouth and oral area


It contributes significantly to the correction of the contour of the lips. Ideally complements the treatment with hyaluronic acid.