Liposuction using the German Body Jet machine , is the most advanced development of the conventional liposuction technique, especially when applied in small areas under local anesthesia.

This technique is called liposuction (WaterJetassistedLiposunctionWAL).

Uses the infusion (spray)with high water pressure - and specifically, dilute local anesthetic solution- to achieve the separation of adipose tissue into layers completely bloodless and without injury to the fat, which is simultaneously aspirated with the same tap.

The additional advantage is that the Body Jet system has closed sterile fat collection circuit sucked! The same, can then be used in fat transfer applications such as:

  • to restore the tumor on the face (filling wrinkles and cheekbones)
  • to increase the volume of the breasts and buttocks.

Liposuction with the WAL method excels in quality of liposuction which is done by the usual manual method , as the latter is very traumatic for the patient. It is also extremely improved compared to liposuction which is done either with microwave taps, or with ultrasound.

BodyJet Liposuction

But what are the advantages of the technique WAL using bodyjet , in relation to all existing fat removal methods;


  • Minimal subcutaneous tissue injury.
  • Minimization of postoperative pain, of edema and ecchymosis (bruises).
  • A large reduction in the amount of local anesthetic used is achieved.
  • The postoperative result is HOMOGENEOUS, without superficial skin irregularities.
  • Significant reduction in the duration of surgery.
  • Minimal postoperative pain - most patients return to their daily activities on the second to third day after surgery!

It is worth noting that, liposuction using the BodyJet machine gives to patients better results as, in the areas of the body that are going to undergo fat cell removal, large amounts of local anesthetic do not need to be injected to achieve the necessary analgesia. This results in, the dermatologist has the ability to remove accumulated fat with great precision, without leaving any imperfections.

Liposuction with me hurts BodyJet;

The technique is almost painless. Of course, intraoperatively the anesthesiologist may administer a light intoxication, in cases it deems necessary.


In which areas can I do liposuction with BodyJet;

The areas of the body, from which it can be removed quickly, easily and definitively the unwanted accumulation of fat is:

  • the anterior cervical region (neck)
  • the submandibular (doublechin)
  • the arms (arms)
  • the anterior abdomen
  • the lateral abdomen (lovehandles)
  • the back
  • the thighs
  • knees and shins

The dermatologist in collaboration with the patient co-decides in which of the above areas of the body will be treated simultaneously (i.e.. at the same surgical time) the unwanted local accumulation of adipose tissue.

Then, preoperative photographic documentation of the patient's body image is required, in order to be able to compare the postoperative result and the unquestionable documentation of the effectiveness of the application.


I will have to be anesthetized under general anesthesia;

In most cases where small amounts of fat are aspirated, not required general anesthesia. During surgery, the patient retains his senses and his ability to communicate with the environment, without but to feel any pain.

In liposuctions where the volume of aspirated fat is more than three liters, for reasons of prevention, the patient remains in the hospital for 24 hours, despite the fact that no incident has been reported worldwide, with the specific liposuction technique.

After application, the use of a thin pressure corset for a period of at least four weeks is required. The largest percentage of postoperative edema subsides about ten days after surgery and the end result is visible for forty-five days after the day of surgery. Postoperative pain and bruising are almost negligible and do not require special medication.


Frequently Asked Questions About BodyJet Liposuction :

How painful is liposuction surgery?;

Liposuction surgery because it is performed with the technique of high extraction and uses the most advanced technological equipment, i.e.. very thin taps, sophisticated BodyJet liposuction machine and much more, causes minimal tissue injury to the subcutaneous tissue, which implies painless surgery and minimal postoperative pain


-Liposuction is a method of weight loss;

No, liposuction is method of correcting the shape of the body, especially for areas where local thickness is very difficult to deal with, such as the lateral regions of the abdomen (buns), the outer surface of the thighs, the inner surface of the thighs, the knees, etc..


After how long is the final result obvious, after liposuction surgery;

The result of the operation is obvious even on the first postoperative day.

Nevertheless, the final result is perceived in six to eight weeks after surgery, as the edema gradually subsides.


Liposuction is a permanent solution for local thickening;

The human body does not have the ability to produce new fat cells after puberty. In adulthood , Excessive calorie consumption leads to hypertrophy (swelling) of existing fat cells.

Therefore, after removing them from some area of ​​the body, these are not replaced by the body with new ones. This means that the result after liposuction, in the specific area, is permanent.


-Liposuction can be combined with other surgeries at the same time of surgery;

Liposuction should not be combined with surgery that can cause significant stress to the body, such as abdominoplasty, breast reduction, etc..

The reason is that the chances of complications - and especially that of pulmonary embolism- increase significantly.


-What is the difference between liposuction and liposculpture?;

It is about, for the exact same operating room, with the only difference that the term "liposculpture" is used in cases where liposuction is combined with implantation (transplant) fat.


-What is the most appropriate age for a patient to undergo liposuction surgery?;

A patient can undergo liposuction from adolescence to old age 65 years. Restrictions can only be set by specific health problems that the patient may be experiencing, as well as the quality of the skin on the patient's body.

Generally, results are best at a young age, where the elasticity of the skin has not suffered the wear of time.


-When the result of the specific surgery is considered satisfactory;

The aesthetic result of this surgery is considered satisfactory, when is so natural that the intervention of the dermatologist can not be perceived.