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Anal whitening- what is;

The whitening of the anus aims at the permanent relief from the dark color in the anal area, which many times -if it is not congenital- may be the result of hormonal changes, age or other pathological causes. This situation often creates insecurities or is annoying between sexual partners.

How to do anal whitening;

The operation is performed using a state-of-the-art Laser and is performed in one or two sessions, each of which does not exceed 30-45 minutes. The use of the Laser aims at removing the melanin layer which is the reason for the unwanted dark color.

The process is painful;

The pain after the operation is mild as a slight burning and lasts only a short time 2-3 days. It needs some application with medication and is even treated with common Depon-type painkillers, Ponstan, etc.. For a few days there may be slight swelling (swelling), which recedes. The area of ​​the operation remains uncovered, without bandages or protective gauze.

The results are permanent;

The method followed is impressive, as well as permanently, results as the operation is based on the use of a special Laser, latest generation.

What are the differences between using whitening cream and Laser;

Anal bleaching in some cases is achieved with the use of special ointments, aimed at the gradual change of color from dark to whiter. But because all these are products of chemical origin with unknown effects on the skin, in some cases the US Drug Enforcement Administration ( FDA) has banned their circulation.

Laser whitening is a technique which, according to long-term medical studies, has permanent results without any side effects.

The history of anal whitening

Some years ago there was not even the thought of such a cosmetic surgery. The main influence came from the porn scene. The protagonists of such films wanted the best appearance of their body and consequently the special areas.

With the passage of time, more and more women noticed that the anal area was darker than the rest of the skin (phenomenon, which is considered perfectly normal). Many people, wanting to achieve renewal, decided to have an anal whitening. Alongside, the spread of porn movies and getting acquainted with them, as well as increasing the visibility of the porn stars themselves, strengthened the rewarding of the process. also, according to statistics, anal sex is chosen quite often, as a result, sexual partners want the best possible aesthetic appearance of special areas.

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