What are varicose veins?;

The varicose veins of the skin are dilated capillaries, which when located in exposed areas of the skin such as e.g.. face, legs, create an unsightly effect.

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Where do the varicose veins come from?;

Their appearance may be due to hereditary factors, in hormonal predisposition, in diseases of the vessel walls, in solar radiation, in injuries, in increased venous pressure in the area and / or in prolonged standing.

They are more common on the face and thighs of women, especially during periods of hormonal disorders such as adolescence., or pregnancy or menopause. In addition, may appear on the cervix, in the sternum, in the tibia, in the ankles but also in any other part of the body.

The varicose veins have a diameter of 0,1 mm up to 1 mm and are red (Red) or cyan (blue) colour. From varicose veins it seems that more suffer from 4 to 10 adults.

How the laser removes the varicose veins;

The laser emits a strong pulse of light, lasting a few millimeters of a second which penetrates under the skin and is absorbed by the blood hemoglobin of the vessels we have chosen for treatment.

By applying the treatment, the temperature of the vessel rises, blood flow ceases intravascularly and then the vessel is destroyed and gradually absorbed by the body.

For each vascular, different parameters are required in the laser device depending on the depth, the color and size of the vascular lesion.

How long does the treatment last?;

The duration of each session varies from 20 minutes up to 1 time depending on the area of ​​the area being treated and the extent of the problem.

Where is the treatment done?;

The treatment takes place in the doctor's office and the patient can return to his normal activities after the treatment.

What are the results and what should I watch out for after the laser application;

The results are permanent and the treated vessels never reappear. However, new lesions may appear on other parts of the skin.

Laser orthostasis should be avoided when treating lower extremity varicose veins. 2-3 days after session, strenuous exercise and warm baths. Walking improves blood circulation.


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"The ND Yag laser is a vascular laser that is exclusively aimed at treating vascular lesions.. So we can eliminate lesions such as varicose veins - the thin vessels on the face and nose - cherry hemangiomas - round red like olives on the face or body - and especially where it offers a very good result are the vessels which are on their feet. The function of the laser is that it is absorbed by the endothelium, the inner wall of the vessel and causes the walls of the vessel to stick, to coincide when and visually the vessel disappears. Because a vessel that is visible is because it has vasodilation, have overflowed the walls of the vessel and now more blood passes through it and this becomes apparent. The treatment can leave very small "cockroaches" on the skin that require some time of regeneration and is a treatment that we would prefer to do in the winter months to avoid sun exposure to have the best possible regeneration of the skin. It is an easy treatment, relatively painless, very effective and even in difficult cases, one - at most two sessions are enough to eliminate the problem. "

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