Peels will renew the outer layer of the skin.

Peeling (internal aging / time aging)

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Over time, some skin imperfections appear.
These are called internal aging / aging and are more common in women and men with open phototypes. (light skin color and skin that is easily reddened-burnt and difficult to tan) and on skin that is thin and normal / dry (Our oily skin "suffers" from acne at a young age, but are more durable over time).
In addition the chronic and cumulative exposure to the sun (UV radiation) made for business reasons (workers in the countryside eg farmers) or leisure (various outdoor sports) adds to the above the photoaging which burdens our skin.
Peels are for people who notice the first signs of time or sun on their skin..
These can be fine wrinkles, freckles and discolorations from the sun (skin blemishes), hyperkeratosis (hardening of the skin), dry and dull skin.


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Peels will renew the outer layer of the skin (keratin layer of the skin) and will cosmetically / aesthetically improve the skin which we will feel even more radiant, soft, fresh and healthy. There are also special peels aimed at acne patients and in addition to the medication they receive they offer sebum regulation. (regulating the oiliness of the skin and its tendency to retain sebum), while other deeper peels offer to the aesthetic improvement of the scars left by the difficult forms of acne.
Finally, special peels that offer whitening also help patients with melasma (spots that appear on the face after pregnancy etc) for the aesthetic improvement of their problem. Peeling is best done in the months when there is no intense sunshine (autumn to spring) , while depending on the problem and the intended goal they will be needed 3-6 peeling annually.
Peels can be combined with other anti-aging applications that work in depth (Botox, hyaluronic fillers for wrinkle filling) which offer impressive results by preventing the formation of expression wrinkles (botox) and filling wrinkles and gaps and correcting the geometry of the face (hyaluronic fillers).


THE EVOLUTION OF PELINGS ARE THE COMBINATIVE APPLICATIONS: Combined Application Of Three Methods For Sebum Regulation, combined mechanical and chemical Peeling and hydration of the face

1) Cleansing the face with an ultrasonic spatula: With this treatment we help the skin to eliminate excess sebum which is retained in oily skin with acne tendency. The treatment is painless and suitable for sensitive skin.

2) Peeling with microcrystals: A third generation system that uses advanced technology for a comfortable, complete and trouble-free skin exfoliation. Exfoliation with microcrystals removes dead cells from the skin and helps healthy cells come to the surface, thus improving the appearance and quality of the skin. Ideal for treating acne and oiliness, anti-aging, bleaching, regeneration, stretch marks.

3) The light chemical peels: suitable for reducing the appearance of fine wrinkles and open, large pores of oily skin, while softening the color of the freckles, of brown spots and acne scars while rejuvenating the skin.

4) The moisturizing mask: completing the treatment, offers a deep hydration and guarantees that in the coming days there will be no major irritation (you go to work comfortably), but only a gentle and controlled peeling

Depending on the case, the dermatologist can also suggest a maintenance dermatological treatment for the intervals of therapeutic sessions-applications to enhance the good result..


"Peeling has a goal and that is to superficially renew the skin and eliminate additional problems such as blemishes, discolorations, small acne scars and fine wrinkles. also, offers deep cleansing so on a skin where there is overproduction of sebum it gets rid of it significantly. We have different types of peeling. I suggest a combination treatment that has mechanical peeling, that is, microcrystals, which make a superficial removal of keratin and are crystals that fall on the skin and do this to us. Chemical peels which are fruit acids that make a removal of dead skin cells. And we combine this treatment with a moisturizing mask that soothes the irritation from previous treatments and also as the skin is cleansed and ready to receive hydration, offers hydration. "

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