It is known that excess weight and obesity have adverse effects on our health.

Acupuncture comes to fill the gaps in the treatment of obesity, without side effects, exhausting diets and the use of dangerous pills. The correct application of acupuncture only by doctors, in accordance with the legislation, is based on history and clinical examination.

Many scientifically substantiated studies demonstrate the effect of acupuncture on the regulation of the autonomic nervous system, in hormone level and in the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. So acupuncture induces hormonal homeostasis, balancing metabolism, mental balance, wellness. Appetite reduction is achieved, of bulimic attacks, the feeling of hunger is limited and we gladly accept this process, feeling well and willing to continue the lifestyle change.

How is acupuncture done? ;

At the doctor's office, a complete cycle of treatments is defined according to the weight loss we want to achieve, with the duration of each treatment being around 45 minutes, with 2 treatments per week at the beginning of the program.

The treatment must be individualized, complete, under medical and dietary supervision. It is made with thin sterile needles, painlessly, feeling pleasant and relaxed.

The treatment is achieved through:

Otoacupuncture: the ear functions as a microsystem of the body and stimulating specific points, stress and appetite management is achieved, contributing to weight loss.

Body acupuncture - Electroacupuncture: is done in specific parts of the body, achieving lipolysis, regulation of metabolism, toning the body.

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