Laser Hair Removal – How does it work

Lasers used for hair removal emit a monochromatic light with a specific wavelength (the Alexandrite we use works at 755nm) which is selectively absorbed by the melanocytes found in the hair. It thus causes selective destruction of the hair follicle (hair root) located inside the skin. The hair shaft (the part of the hair that protrudes out of the skin) we are not interested at all in this application, for this and in the instructions we give we suggest that they come with freshly shaved area or with the hair shaft cut with scissors.

Items laser hair removal

Three different technologies are used for medical laser hair removal . The Alexandrite laser (Alexandrite) emitting at 755nm (we use this type of laser in our clinic because we believe that it has the best result while offering the most painless application), the toll (Diode) laser that emits at 805nm and the long pulse Nd-Yag Laser at 1064nm (which is addressed only to very dark and black skin and is the most painful laser in its application)

But we should know that not all Laser Alexandrite hair removal machines are the same! The differences concern the effectiveness of the application (depends on how well the configuration can be done based on the parameters of each event), how painless the application will be (this depends on how good the cooling system that comes with the machine is), the time at which the application is completed (this has to do with the speed of the machine but also the size of the head-spot size that it can support)

In our clinic we use the top Alexandrite laser of the American company LightAge Epicare LPX which excels in all the above areas. It has all the FDA certifications, THIS

We would recommend you before you trust somewhere the application of your laser hair removal , be interested in the quality of the machine that will be used.



When it should be done laser hair removal for medical reasons

In some patients who have very thick or hard hair after waxing with the classic methods (shaving, candle, depilatory creams, Epilators) intense bursitis occurs (red inflammatory pimples with pus) in the area. This bursitis may be due to staphylococcus which enters the follicle (root) of hair due to minor injuries caused by conventional hair removal methods or in hair that "turned" into the skin

This follicle especially in people with dark skin type can leave permanent blemishes on the skin (post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation). In these cases we recommend laser hair removal to have a definitive solution to the issue of unwanted hair growth.

Some patients also have sensitive skin that shows intense irritation and allergic reactions. (eg contact dermatitis) from hair removal creams and these patients benefit a lot from laser hair removal

In addition, patients with a history of papillomas or warts (HPV virus skin infection) They have a significant benefit from laser hair removal because it helps a lot to prevent them from spreading ,due to injury, the lesions.

End ,Patients who have or have already had surgery for a "coccygeal cyst" benefit greatly from permanent hair removal of the area which helps to prevent recurrence of the disease


Instructions (preparation) before application laser hair removal

It should not be preceded by any hair removal method that uproots the hair for a period of one month before the application of the laser. This is because if wax or silkepil is used before applying the laser , they uproot the hair along with its root, so the laser will not be able to target the hair root and achieve effective destruction. For the same reason it is not allowed to use wax during the whole time we do laser hair removal (in between applications we can use a razor if necessary).

Also the area to be depilated must have been shaved (or cut the hairs on the face with scissors) 2-3 days before the laser application. This ensures that the laser energy will be utilized exactly where it should be (that is, at the root of the hair) and not on the hair shaft (the part of the hair that protrudes above the skin). Also if the laser "hits" the hair shaft, this will melt and create a burn on the surface of the skin, which is also undesirable.
In conclusion we must shave the area 2-3 days before each application, and to avoid for the entire duration of the laser hair removal methods that uproot the hair.


Instructions after application laser hair removal

Immediately after the laser hair removal application, we apply a moisturizing soothing cream which relieves the mild irritation caused by the application. (from the "cracking" of the hair root inside the skin). At home you can continue to use a simple moisturizer for 2-3 days. No extra care is required

Laser Hair Removal – Advantages over other photoepilation methods

First of all, it should be clarified that IPL or pulsed light or photolysis is misleadingly referred to by various institutes as "laser hair removal".. Photolysis is a completely different technology. It produces a wide range of radiation from 500-1200nm (it is not monochromatic radiation with a wavelength like the laser ) as a result, the depth of the skin to which the epilation is applied cannot be precisely adjusted and predicted. The energy produced by IPL is less and diffuses more. also, The way the laser will be adjusted to make the application can be precise and personalized to be ideal for any event (depending on the combination of skin color and hair color), while IPL performs better on specifics (open) skin types. That is why the laser is safe as an application on all skin types (if the person handling it has the required experience). The laser requires much fewer sessions to achieve the final result because it is a more powerful medical device and can transfer more energy to the target position. (hair root). Also due to better penetration of the laser (in relation to IPLs) can also be effective on larger diameter hairs (thick) located deeper in the skin (eg on the back). Finally, the laser excels because it has a much better cooling system which makes the application painless

What are the causes of unwanted excessive hair growth? (hypertrichosis- hair loss) to be investigated before starting treatment with laser?

Excessive hair growth may be due to heredity, endocrinological (hormonal) disorders such as polycystic ovary syndrome and insulin resistance, thyroid problems. But it may also be due to specific medications we have started, in the normal process of aging as well as excessive use of hair removal methods that affect the hair root.

Usually before starting the laser treatment we do an investigation (laboratory test with blood tests, gynecological ultrasound) for the pathological causes of hair growth especially when there is excessive hair growth or when there is hair growth in areas that should not be (in the area of ​​the jaw-chin in women or below the navel in women etc.)


Laser Hair Removal – Contraindications and side effects


There are no real absolute contraindications. Related contraindications to laser hair removal are a history of photodermatitis and taking photosensitizers, although we have successfully conducted sessions in such more difficult cases. Pregnancy and lactation are also relatively contraindicated , and seek the consent of a gynecologist , although the laser does not pose a risk to the fetus or newborn.

For people who have permanent tattoos, we avoid treating the tattoo so as not to alter the color.

Also in people who have many pigmented nevi (olives) on the skin we avoid treating olives that have melanin so as not to injure them

A relevant contraindication is the history of seizures , as the flashes caused by the laser can trigger an episode. Of course in patients who are under treatment and we completely protect them from seeing these flashes we do not face any problem.

Another contraindication is tanned skin from sun exposure or artificial light sources (solarium). This skin has more melanin and is more at risk for sunburn. It is best to avoid waxing or in case of a slight color change to make the session more conservative (lower energies) and with special laser adjustment to be safe.

The only side effect observed is a slight redness and the formation of small blisters (bumps on the skin just where the orifices of the hair follicles are on the skin) which may be mildly itchy. These are completely reversible and last for only a few hours after treatment. Essentially this is not an unwanted action but the result of the "explosion" of the bulb (root) of hair , with the effect of the laser, inside the skin (means that we achieved effective hair removal!). They are easily treated by applying a moisturizing anti-inflammatory cream to the skin after application.

The fears that many have that underlying structures that lack melanin and organs such as lymph nodes and mammary gland may be affected (breast) they are completely unfounded.


Laser Hair Removal – Areas applicable

Practically waxing is done in any area where there is unwanted hair growth. Sro face (upper lip, cheeks, chin, sideburns, eyebrows) but also on the body as in the hands (arms and forearms) in armpits, bikini, on foot (thighs, shins) but also on the back and chest , nipples of the breast and abdomen.

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Laser Hair Removal - Results

The results of laser hair removal are impressive. It leads to a reduction of hair growth from the very first session. The exact number of sessions depends on the reasons discussed in another section.

Laser hair removal - Prices

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Age we can start hair removal application with laser

There is no contraindication to the age at which we can start the application. The reason we usually start after adolescence is to have sex hormones stabilized and to have a better result. In any case, the laser can not cause any harm, does not affect internally at all, nor the development of the child, nor the development of hormones. Just at a young age you may need more sessions. In any case, we calculate the burden on the child's psychology from unwanted hair growth.


It can laser hair removal to eliminate white hairs;

The energy of the laser hair removal is absorbed by the melanin. So the application works best on brown and dark hair. In blonde hair we will have a result with special customization of the application, but more sessions will be needed. End, in completely discolored (white) hairs can not render the application.

Can the hair removal application with laser to be done in the summer?

In case the skin is not tanned, there is no problem. Of course, exposure to the sun should be avoided immediately after application for the next 48 hours. In case the skin is a little tanned, the application can be done safely , but will need special more conservative customization (treated like a darker skin). Also avoid sun exposure immediately after application. In case of intense tanning from the sun or artificial light sources (solarium) postpone the application until the skin returns to lighter tones.

In any case, the continuous use of sunscreen with a protection index 50 on face and body is required during sun exposure after sessions.


How many sessions Laser hair removal is required for each area and how often it is done;

Most patients need the least 5-6 sessions that are spaced apart 4 about weeks. Each session is accompanied by a repetitive session which takes place after 15-20 days from the initial session and which he completes and refines. The exact number of sessions that will be needed depends on the contrast between the patient's skin color and the hair color.. The lighter the skin and the darker the hair, the fewer sessions will be needed. Also, patients with polycystic ovary syndrome need very good regulation of the disease and the restoration of hormone levels to normal levels so that we can aim for effective hair removal..

The areas with the best laser hair removal results are the bikini, the armpits and legs while the face may insist more. The effect of permanent hair removal comes later in men who have more circulating androgens in the blood.

What is a free rehearsal session??

It is done 15-20 days after the regular session. We offer it for free in our cases because we want them to stay clean , without unwanted hair growth, throughout our sessions.

Laser hair removal hurts;

No. The application is done at the same time with very strong cooling of the area with cold air. This cooling guarantees safety for the treatment and painless treatment. Only a small percentage of patients resort to the use of anesthetic cream (EMLA) only for the bikini area which is considered to be the most sensitive to pain.

It can be done laser hair removal during pregnancy;

Pregnancy and lactation are also relatively contraindicated , and seek the consent of a gynecologist , although the laser does not pose a risk to the fetus or newborn. Of course, the hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy often make laser hair removal ineffective . And for this reason we prefer to start or continue (in case there was a pause) post-pregnancy hair removal sessions

Laser Hair Removal – free appointment to download history, hair growth assessment and information

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Why should I choose the dermatology clinic of Dr.. Kalokasidi “Donations Science Clinic” for my laser hair removal;

Because in our clinic we use the leading Alexandrite laser of the American company LightAge, the Epicare LPX, which excels in all areas of safety, efficiency and speed. It has all the FDA certifications, THIS.

In addition, the partners who make the application are trained and very experienced.

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